Local leaderboards and ghosts not working

I still love to play FM2 from time to time, and one of the great features this game has are the local leaderboards. You can run laps and the game will save all your times.

Unfortunately this feature is currently broken due to servers not working. I can understand the servers being shutdown but this is about local leaderboards.

For some reason the game won’t save your times to local leaderboard or even your best ghost if you are logged in to Xbox Live.

The only workaround is to play without logging in to Xbox Live, then the local leaderboards work as they should.

My guess is that the game tries to connect, fails and abadons saving your results, but when offline it knows you’re offline and just saves it.

Wish I could play without having to log out, maybe the servers are closed but not completely, and it causes the issue? Please bring them back then, or at least shut them down completely.

Good news! last month I heard that the servers have been turned back on; at least for the scoreboards. So this month (May 2023) I set myself a target to be top 10000 in ten days.
Now to see if i can get top 1000 BUT i suspect DLC tracks might be required for that (Road America & 4 Twin Ring Motegi). Top 2000 definitely achievable.
The scoreboards adds so much to the game. I may not be able to race my friends online but I can race them against the clock.
Added bonus I’m enjoying the menu music of Forza Motorsport 2.