Are leaderboards online?

I want to get Forza 2 but I would like to know if it has any mode like the later games where you can race against friends time e.g.rivals, and if it’s still online.

Jump on and add cheekytin an i’ll race you, the game still has a few stragglers that play online occasionally but usually you’re by yourself

Online lobbies and leaderboards for Time Trials (now known as Rivals) still work. Just went on to double-check and the replays attached to leaderboard times even still work.

The only aspect that no longer works is the Auction House (which is tied to an achievement). Essentially, the game is still playable and able to complete up to 99% except for the Auction House.

Some do race their friends on the free run in arcade mode and i struggle against them all,could you post a time and track and class and see if i can get close to it seeing you are a tier 8(to me you are a legend and i look up to those and try to aspire to be like those who love to race)

The FM2 leaderboards are still online as of June 2022.

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It’s quite odd how FM3 and FM4 leaderboards are down, yet FM2 works fine. Even PGR4 and the first Colin McRae DiRT still have leaderboards working somehow even after all these years as of July 2022.

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There must be a reason for FM2 LBs still being live and not FM3 or FM4. Perhaps it’s just an oversight by someone at MS or Turn 10? Perhaps if someone realizes, they’ll pull the plug.

We just have to enjoy what we have until then.

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With or without online leaderboards though, I really like the Time Trial more in FM2 than in FM3 and 4. The game stores ALL your times locally instead of just the best one per class, so you can have a Top Gear style leaderboard with all your times in different cars. Later games rely on online connection so they don’t work anymore while you’ll always have your local leaderboards in FM2.

The only thing missing in FM2 that would make it perfect would be ability to save a ghost for every one of your times instead of just the best one.

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Absolutely agree.

What you described is exactly why I still have and enjoy PGR4.
The ability to save your hot lap “ghosts” locally (and individually) and also reload up to three concurrently was a brilliant feature from Bizarre Creations.

As far as I’m concerned, the “always online” ideology from the devs/publishers should be binned. Sensible offline features should never have been discarded.

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I completely agree. PGR4 does it best, you can race up to four ghosts at once (three loaded and one being the best of current session) and it’s very fun. It has the best time trial mode I’ve seen in a racing game, it’s just brilliant. I agree about “always online” as well.

Sorry for going a bit off topic here but another thing I really enjoy in those old Forza games is setting up Private Lobbies and picking AI cars to race against. Wish it was a feature in Free Play (PGR4 has it!).

I’m not sure if it depends on Turn 10 maintaining the servers because it still works in FM3 and FM4 despite everything being down. Hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy it even after the servers go down completely for X360 FM games. (well, as long as our X360s can connect to Live, hopefully very long time).

Yep. have been for the last 6 weeks at least. Hopefully will stay up.
I plan to get to Top 1000 ( out of 3,755,084 )
So far I’ve got to 1698 in the Hot Lap Times.

After being turned off, turned on and off again, GOOD NEWS - servers back on (i think it is the issue of local saves NOT working while online). Anyway servers are back online.
New post pending with a challenge (challenge valid only while servers on).