Are leaderboards online?

I want to get Forza 2 but I would like to know if it has any mode like the later games where you can race against friends time e.g.rivals, and if it’s still online.

Jump on and add cheekytin an i’ll race you, the game still has a few stragglers that play online occasionally but usually you’re by yourself

Online lobbies and leaderboards for Time Trials (now known as Rivals) still work. Just went on to double-check and the replays attached to leaderboard times even still work.

The only aspect that no longer works is the Auction House (which is tied to an achievement). Essentially, the game is still playable and able to complete up to 99% except for the Auction House.

Some do race their friends on the free run in arcade mode and i struggle against them all,could you post a time and track and class and see if i can get close to it seeing you are a tier 8(to me you are a legend and i look up to those and try to aspire to be like those who love to race)

The FM2 leaderboards are still online as of June 2022.