Where can I view the leaderboards?

Man, its been a while since I’ve connected with anyone from the FM4 days… glad to see the community is still here!

I was wanting to access the FM4 leaderboards, but dont have an xbox 360 anymore and hoping they were posted and updated by a Mod, Admin, or Turn 10 via the forums… Im thinking that is not the case since i cant find it anywhere.

Did they stop posting the leaderboards on the forums?

FM3 leaderboards were accessable via website and not ingame but FM4 had ingame leaderboards only if i remember right :slight_smile:

Ahh, gotcha!

That’s a bummer… looks like I’ll have to find a 360! Thanks for your response.

I don’t think the servers are still online but idk for sure.

T10 marked FM4 as EOL (end of life) and have shut the servers down so no access to leaderboards. I haven’t heard everyone being successful by raising a ticket so it is like if we were all banned.
Shhh… servers still working for FM2 (technical issue with local scoreboards not working while on xbox live so the simple solution for T10 was the just turn the server back on - hopefully it will stay on and T10 won’t work on a solution to an even older EOL game.

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