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Cool story

Maybe get the series x when it comes out then it will be quicker

Is this a joke or are you seriously suggesting to someone that they should spend hundreds of dollars for improved loading times that are still terrible by 2020 standards?

I play on a console and I used to find loading times and things such as fast travel slightly irritating. Over 12 months ago I purchased an external Samsung SSD (Solid State Drive) which connects simply via USB3 without the need for a separate power supply or caddy.

The difference is amazing. Loading times much improved and I can fast travel anywhere in 3 seconds or less.

Well, I Use The Xbox one S

If you can afford it, an external SSD makes a considerable improvement to loading times. Not much bigger than a credit card, the USB3 version doesn’t need a separate power supply or caddy and is simple to connect and use. The access speeds of a Samsung T5 500 GB USB 3.1 SSD for example are much faster than using the console’s HD, it doubles the storage capacity of a standard XBox 500GB console and may make a difference to any other memory intensive games you own.