I love the new SSD in my Xbox One X

What a difference- Horizon 4 loads as fast as it does on my PC now. And fast travel takes the same two or three seconds (likewise car swapping).

I hardly played it on the X1X before, because it was so much slower than the PC version (of course, my PC has an M.2 ssd, so it’s as fast as possible) but this is truly a game changer (no pun intended). Not noticing as much difference in other games, but FH4 is the main reason I wanted to try it anyways, so I’m still happy.

This is something I would be interested in doing to speed up at least some of the game. Care to share what make/model/size you used and how you installed it? Externally in an enclosure or internally?

I’m guessing external as you would have to clone the internal drive somehow.

Only problem I could see if I was to do this, would be losing VIP content after uninstalling the game to then re-install to external SSD or can you just transfer from within the XB1X interface?

I actually put an internal in (had to run a script that set the partitions to match the original drive configuration. I kind of messed up when I bought the drive, because I got a 960 gb Kingston drive, and there’s no 960 gb Xbox drive. So when I did it as a 1gb drive, it kept crashing the system. I had to do it as a 500GB (you can choose 500gb, 1tb, or 2tb when you set the drive up) to make it work (works fine, but of course I lost some of the capacity. I’m getting a 1tb seagate SSD to better mimic the original drive, then I’ll reformat this one and use it as an external).

And you can copy everything to an external drive, and then copy it back to the internal after replacement, you can also export all your settings and saves to a USB drive. In fact, I think everything (such as as gamesaves) is saved remotely and associated with your gamertag, rather than saved on the hdd. After I installed the new drive everything was there when I signed in

btw- setting the drive up with the Xbox partitions was very simple, just a script to run and it does it all in one step. Then install the OS (there’s a download link on MS’s website for offline updating) from a USB flash drive, It helps that I have a hotswap bay built into my PC case.

I’ve had an external SSD my one S for a few months now. It makes a massive difference in the garage, fast travel etc.

I just got a 240gb to try, fits all my Forza games. With external caddy you can get them really cheap these days.

I started using an external SSD with my One S a week or so ago, 500gb, in an external USB 3 enclosure. Can’t believe how much difference there is in performance - as mentioned above the initial loading plus fast travel, single player race loading, garage, etc is all way quicker. Once formatted there’s an option to move or copy to the external drive, I copied FH4 and FM7 and worked flawlessly. Considering you can get a drive from around £60 and an enclosure for £10, it’s a worthy upgrade.

Performance of an external SSD on USB 3.0 is better than internal SSD on SATA2.

good to know- I guess the game loading off an external would run as fast as loading something off the internal (edit- I should say that at that point it wouldn’t matter if it’s loading off an internal or external drive), since it’s not really using the OS very much at that point. After I get the 1tb internal drive in, I’ll have the 960gb as an external. Best of both worlds.

Yes, replacing the internal with a SSD may improve boot times and other OS related functions. It will also improve game loading time, but not quite as much as putting the game on an external SSD.

An internal SSD read times will be limited by the SATA2 interface at 300MB/s. An external SSD read times will be limited by the USB 3.0 interface at 400MB/s.

Please be careful spreading misinformation.

I also have an SSD Internal in my One X and it is MUCH better. Especially the OS, what a difference.

Game load times are just as good, if not slightly faster than good external enclosure (UASP/Trim functioning). Not noticing much difference here if I’m honest - but thats okay at least its just as fast with a faster Boot/OS and no external enclosure to deal with. It is a little extra work (requiring USB Sata adapter or enclosure to run script to set partitions) but IMO well worth it.

If you have an Original Xbox One or S, then yes external would be your better choice. (Make sure you get a good enclosure that uses TRIM and UASP)