Livery Editor: Fine Adjustment Mode

This should be a fairly easy one:

One problem I run into in the Livery and Vinyl editors is the coarse resolution of the positioning grid. When moving primitives and groups in the editor, the movement snaps to 0.5-unit grid increments. This is particularly problematic in the livery editor when trying to flow elements across surface boundaries, such as trying to make a continuous stripe that goes from the front view, over the top, and continues to the back view. Often the coordinates do not match across the boundary seams in an even multiple, so the stripe will have a noticeable discontinuity at the boundary that cannot be adjusted out easily. I am proposing a toggle mode for element movement in the editor similar to the toggle between uniform and non-uniform scaling in the sizing tool. With this toggle, you could choose the default coarse movement grid (0.5 units), or the fine movement grid (0.1 units). Things would naturally move more slowly in fine adjustment mode, but it would make tuning out discontinuities a much easier process.

There is a work around for that. You copy the respective vinyl and move it one “increement” left/right or up/down depending on what you need. Then you group it with the original vinyl. Now you move the group by one. After that you ungroup and delete the copied vinyl and voila the original vinyl has only moved 0.25 units.

This still isn’t perfect and you may still have a slight alignment difference mind you. Besides that you may also see a difference with how the borders of the vinyls are rendered. In one case you may have a “sharp” one while the other is “mushy”.

That said I’d definitely appreciate such a fine adjustment mode.