UI - Settings - Livery editor: sensitivity too high (1734856)

Since the newest update from today, the sensitivity for placing decals on your car is way too high. It’s near impossible now or extremely annoying to place decals exactly on the right spot you want to place them.

System: XBox Series X, Premium

The sencivity by creating new stickers…

Precision movement or size changing via one click on d-pad is also gone after the new update



The Current Experience

This used to take 10 seconds all up. Now it’s 30 seconds, per axis of change. I don’t know how the code for this is connected to the code for the additional lighting options in the editor, but considering that was what was changed, I guess it is. This needs fixing.


Following the #6 update the D-pad sensitivity in the livery editor is not functioning properly. The d-pad is skipping multiple random steps rather than single stepping.

This makes it nearly impossible to get fine detail adjustments when positioning vinyls trying to edit livery designs.

This needs a hotfix ASAP.


Ok, so mine got moved, go here and vote!

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Fix the arrow keys on the keyboard input for the livery editor while you guys are at it. That is supposed to perform the same fine movement function as the D-pad on they controller, but they are not bound in FM8 and do nothing. They work fine in FM7, and FH3-FH5.

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Yes FIX THIS PLEASE! The D-pad used to do DECIMAL POINTS at a time for precision placement or sizing, now it skips ridiculously fast making it near impossible to do precise detail work. ALSO can’t left trigger select the layer (shows gold triangle) to scale up/down BY THE POINT. It’s too fast on that too.

The left trigger snapping still works but you can only do large increments with that. Not sure how this got broken when the lighting options got added. C’mon guys this thing is hard enough to edit in without it being made more difficult with bugs like this!


thought maybe it was my controller at first. makes painting a chore



Only 28 votes? Surely everybody must be having this issue?


Need this fixed right away for sure…


Workaround: Open the new Lighting Options while the vinyl is selected.

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Since update 6 has launched when working on my paint jobs i can no longer use the D-pad to do micro adjustments to my livery it used to be i tap it moved 0.1 but now the minimum i can get it to move is atleast 0.3 fix this and get it back to how it was! Micro detailing is a nightmare now!


Last update produced extra long load times for my vinyl groups to load and extra long times to save them (scary long).

Now, when I try to move a layer across the x and y axis, a simple push of the D-Pad in any directions makes the layer jump anywhere from 1-2.5 values, making it extra hard to paint. Ive been patient for a long time, but its getting old. We paid for a beta. As a consumer, when can I expect the product deliver the features that were paid for?

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I have the same problem. In addition, there is the problem that when the decal is positioned in the central longitudinal axis (position 0), the decal is far to the right (example Porsche 911 GT2 RS 2018). If it looks centered in the livery editor, it is offset in the race mode view. So the livery editor is not usable for me.


Im nowhere near as active on here as I once was. This voting system, is that how things get attention and fixed? This wasnt an issue pre update. I can go race on any other racing game out there, the livery editor is one of a kind imo and its what makes Forza special. This needs to be fixed asap.

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Holy cow, this change/glitch simply breaks the usability of the livery editor!

Every attempt at precise placement, scaling, or rotation is its own frustrating mini-game. Thankfully, at least 2 of the 3 new cars this week can be designed entirely in Forza Horizon 5 (unless they still haven’t rescued those Steam folk). Mad props to anyone who endures this to do something cool with the Silvia.

Oh, I’ll add that the issues are the same for me on both XBSX and Cloud Gaming.

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A hotfix is apparently in the works -


Source -Twitter


Before the last update, you could move the patterns and pattern groups in the Livery Editor millimeter by millimeter using the control pad. Since the update, these can only be positioned imprecisely. The control pad behaves like the analog stick. In addition, rotating and panning the camera is only possible when a pattern is moved. Another zoom level or a continuous zoom would also be extremely helpful.

Hello, TURN 10 said that there will be a hotfix for livery editor.
And please add bugs in troubleshooting hub.