Livery Contest - Formula Drift 1,000 HP Ute

Hi Forza Artists,

My name is Josh Robinson, I am a Formula Drift Pro 2 driver, soon to be Pro drifter in 2018. I built my 2016 Holden VF Maloo to take my drifting skills to the U.S. This thing has 1,000 horsepower, has a carbon-fiber body, and nearly no stone has been left unturned in making it a killer drift car.

I met your community writer Johniwanna (John Schommer) at the Formula Drift Seattle and later at the Hoonigan Garage and I worked with him to be featured in the Heavy Metal Affliction series he writes for your site. As part of that story I wanted to reach out to the Forza community to have you guys design my next livery for the Ute. The winning design will be featured in my 2018 FD Pro season on the Ute and debuted at SEMA at the end of October.

You can read the Heavy metal Affliction story here News - Forza when it comes out in a couple hours.

There are many pictures John took in that story and you can also take a look at my website for more details including some of the logos that need to be a part of the design.

This contest will be for liveries designed in Forza Motorsport 7 once the game comes out. So it will start on October 3rd officially and end October 18th… That doesn’t mean you can’t start designing in your favorite Forza game right now though.

Here are a few of the details that will help you get considered as a winning choice. Some are totally required and some can be embellished.

-Blue main color. We really like the blue chrome on the current livery, but it is up to you to design something we like.
-From the doors back keep a good amount of carbon body exposed
-Hoonigan logo must be in the center of the front bumper, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it isn other places as well though.

-Largest sponsor is Tri-Ace
-Mid-size sponsor is Magnuson and Sidchrome
-Minor sponsors Link, Exedy, SuperPro, PPG, Wilwood, Enjuku Racing

So with that in mind I look forward to your designs. I will try and answer questions posed in the thread and keep up with your posts. However, it is a very busy life drifting this beast so my responses may be delayed from time time.

Thanks to John and to the Forza community for your support

You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram at JoshRobinson530

Josh Robinson


tagged and good luck

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I am looking forward to seeing what the best of the Forza community comes up with. This is really awesome opportunity to get your work featured on a really cool real-life drift Ute and debut at SEMA no less.

Thanks for this opportunity Josh! I have faith the Forza artists will blow your mind and come up with something really cool.

What a cool way to kick off Forza Motorsport 7


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On it …

Edit: johniwanna … for this we get to utilize the new 5,000 layers per side and ability to use special paint colors/textures on vinyls that is coming to FM7 … right?


A few questions to get us started. You may or may not know answers to these yet.

(1) Will you be #530 in the PRO Series next year? Or is that yet to be determined?

(2) Will you be using all the same brands of parts listed on your site or will there be any brands you may add or drop for next year?

(3) Will Black Magic/BlackVue still be the title sponsors for FD next year?

  1. Yes I will retain the number 530

  2. everyone we partnered with this year is on board for 2018 and there will be some new additions, but we can work those out when it goes to print

  3. we haven’t been told yet - sorry!

Thanks and good luck :call_me_hand:

I’ll definitely be entering this one !


Sounds like fun :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait for the game to come out next week, and to send in an entry for this. Will be fun to see what the community comes up with.

i will try for sure!

So gonna try an awesome Aussie themed livery!


I might do this. Maybe hid a pig somewhere on the car!!!

I would be disappointed if you didn’t.

Show those Yanks how us Aussies do it. Good luck next year.

sure y not

Been doing a bunch of drift designs as of late, so count me in!!!

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if this is open for foreign countries I am also. thank you John for sharing :ok_hand::+1:

Anywhere you like :v:

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I’m in!
Got the main logos built already, just the minors to go.

Q: Entry submissions to be posted?

Q: How much of the rear deck is to be considered? (Shame we cant remove it in game)


The body of the car (ute) retains its original dimensions for Formula Drift. Yes, please post your submissions here!