Replica Livery Bounty

Calling all painters!

I’ve been loving seeing replica Formula Drift liveries coming out in Forza 5, and now that Forza 6, I’m drifting the pants off my Nissan S15 Silvia. Given that Forrest Wang is my personal favorite FD driver and that he just happens to drive an S15, I am posting a bounty for somebody to paint me a really good replica livery of Forrest Wang’s 2015 Get Nuts S15 Silvia.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to do this (mods, tell me if I’m not), but I’ve got $5 USD via paypal to the brave soul willing to tackle the task (I couldn’t paint a happy face to save my life).

Hey there bud I have 2 fd replicas up right now for the scion and the pointiac solstice ,also check out PTG Curtis he will be uploading a good few more fd paints aswell very soon
And finally the get nuts paint has been done by bxrdy not sure if he’s finished it but was close last time I see it ,just search the our gamer tags take it easy hope I was of help


I mostly do FD drift paints. My paint gallery is here:

The front page isn’t up to date with all paints but all paints that are currently shared on FM5 are in the thread and I will be bringing them ALL over to FM6

Please note at this time I haven’t been able to load them onto FM6 but will very soon and post here again.

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Tanner Foust Rockstar 350Z is now shared on FM6

@PTG CURTIS - I have seen your Forsberg and Aasbo paints before, which are incredible, and partially had you in mind when I posted in hopes that you might consider the Get Nuts S15 for your next endeavor. I still have the $5 (or more, let the bidding war begin) for you if you tackle the Get Nuts S15 in a similar quality to your other liveries.

@PTG ALKOHOLIK - Thanks for the heads up! I’ve followed you and some of the other PTG guys (including curtis) in hopes that your liveries will show up in the recommended paint sections, and will be checking back frequently.

I’ve actually already had a request to paint Forrest’s S15, which is on the list to do and of course I will continue the same quality as I have before :slight_smile:

We expect nothing less … lol.

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