Liveries - Existing liveries are now matte, after the release of matte-glossiness system (1774543)

When the matte-glossiness system was released in Update 8, it has changed EVERY livery in the game to be matte, when they were previously glossy / shiny. When this feature was introduced in Forza Horizon 5, it didn’t affect any previous paints, because the matte-gloss slider started out in the middle, whereas in Forza Motorsport, it defaults to Matte / 0%, which breaks everything.

No way I’m going to unshare and reshare all my paints with proper glossiness and I doubt other painters will, either. I’d rather see this fixed so that the slider starts out in the middle / 50%.

Pre Update 8:

Post Update 8:

Bug Info: Existing liveries are not glossy anymore after Update 8 matte-glossy feature. Look at the purple parts and you can see it clearly.
Platform: MS PC
Settings: Mid-high graphics settings, but no settings have changed between U7 and U8.
Attempted fixes: Restarted game and computer (obviously didn’t help).
Content Update: Started happening in Update 8.

To add a bit to this. I’ve found it’s only the Vinyl layers that are now matte. Any of my previous liveries that have the body paint showing are still glossy.


Hey a fellow nascar fan yea im not alone and god i got to check my liverys and see whats happened to them

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This needs to be fixed, and it should be easy, as all liveries published before the update were produced in a 100% glossy painting environment.

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Hi all

Was just about to post this issue but found it already reported. ALL my liveries with a large decal on the panels have gone 100% matte.

Not sure if the editor needs to be in the middle at 50% or all the way at 100% but this needs fixing.

Until this is done, not painting anything else.

Thanks in advance

STEVO1377 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi all

Just played around with the vinyl material settings and something is definitely off with the settings themselves.

Everything is now fully matte at 0%, if you hit the x button reset it goes to 50% which looks to be correct as it was before the update.

However, this is where it gets weird. If you then click to 51% the vinyls become slightly matte again, but not as matte as at 0%. If you continue to increase this to 100% it then looks correct again with everything being glossy.

What that means is an x reset at 50% is equally as glossy as moving the scale all the way to 100%.

I tested a second way of adjusting the settings by starting at 0% and then simply increasing to 100% by pushing to the right. When you do that you achieve a continuous change from matte to glossy across the entire scale without the odd partially matte/glosy transition/glitch at 51%.

The coding is not correct on this but I hope what I have explained makes sense.

For clarity I am playing on an XBOX series X and I have tried the above on multiple cars.

Hope this is helpful to someone.


*Edit - After going through my liveries, this isn’t true for all. Some are fine and are set to 100% glossy.

So I looked into this further. I found not all cars are affected by this.

The BMW M4 E30, Ginetta G55 GT4, 2020 #98 Veloster N TCR, Mercedes 190E Evo, 2018 #73 911 GT3R, and 2017 #92 911 RSR are still gloss.

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Well I have gone through and fixed all my liveries that I have created. The issue really is anything that I have downloaded from others that is now matte can’t be fixed.

Whilst a global update to make everything from 100% glossy would set the FM community back to where we were before the last update, if the things made available for download were done first that would be a great start.

Still very annoyed that such an update was pushed out and clearly not widely tested first.

Having the ability to change vynals to matte is a great idea but this has unfortunately been poorly executed.


The slider needs to be set to what the base paint Matte/Glossy value is by default, then we can change it after.
Some of my shared liveries that were intended to be Matte are now Glossy, and nearly all that were supposed to be glossy are now either partially Matte or completely Matte, depending on the vinyl coverage.

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