Little chat about Toyota/Lexus

I’m so annoyed that Gran Turismo is showing off their Lexus LC 500. I really wanted to drive that thing in the FM7.
And this is my personal thinking about toyota license issue.
Forza and NFS couldn’t get the toyota license, but Project Cars and Gran Turismo got it. Gran Turismo is a japanese game, and Project Cars is distributed by Bandai Namco, which is japanese company. I doubt toyota doesn’t want to support the racing game if its not related with japanese company.

Go play Gran Turismo them.

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We will likely see Toyota/Lexus as a DLC expansion at some point. It was the same with Porsche, we couldn’t get them for the longest time, while other racing games were flashing the fact that they had Porsche. Now, I’d rather have Toyota, than Porsche, but I dont know if I want to play GT.

For cars that aren’t in the game, please post in the Car Wish List thread pinned at the top of the forum.