Limited edition

Hey guys, i have a forza 5 limited edition and know that there would be limited edition cars for sale, I just wanted to know if I can change the paint of the limited edition cars? Thanks :smiley:

no you cannot change the paint on the LCE cars
you can only tint the windows and paint the rims

No but why? You can get the non-limited edition version (stock) and paint that anyway you want. The only thing special about the limited edition cars was the livery. They are supposed to be tuned too but if the tune may or not work out for you depends on your diving style and how you want drive it.

I don;t think that is entirely true. I think the Viper LCE and standard are not the same car - I went with the standard so I could paint (least my version of paint) There was something different - Handling on the LCE had a better stat, and it was better to feel. I’ve since gotten into builds and tunes (6 months later) so I think I should go get one of each again and see what the difference is but I know they didn;t feel the same at hall the LCE had more grip.

Again that was my conclusion as of January 2014… I’ve since gotten extremely familiar with S class build in the th 2013 GTS and OK at tuning, so it might be a part or two that was on the LCE that wasn’t on standard. But I distinctly remember the Handling stat being higher per PI between the two Vipers.

By the way, the DLC cars are now free in your garage right?

Guys, the cars from the DLC are now all free and automatically added to your garage right?

Not automatically added. You must add them from the Buy Cars menu, and only the first buy of each model is free.