Limit on number of increase to race earnings.... no drivatar reward?

This may be a stupid question, if so sorry

Just completed a 90 min race against 24 drivatars at Daytona (I think it was 109 laps total, unsure)

I received -

200k race earnings

  • 200k VIp
  • 200k for car (50% plus 50% for at night)
  • 480k for mods (240%)

BUT nothing for drivatar difficulty although set to unbeatable

So I am wondering whether this would just have been a glitch or if there was some reason there was no drivatar rewards. Only things I can think would have prevented it being rewarded are if you cannot get more than set number or total percentage of uplifts through various means, or if drivatar experience is ignored where you do a timed race or a race exceeding a certain length for some reason

Any help or advice would be very welcome. Thanks :slight_smile:

have seen it mentioned a few times not but for some reason it doesn’t pay out for drivatars difficulty in timed races

Thanks for the quick reply!

That sucks but at least I’ll know to do lap # rather than time in future

Thanks again

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