So, what's the best Drivatar reward that you've gotten so far? ...

I get a Drivatar reward in the 4,000’s all the time, and I may have gotten one in the 5,000’s before. But a couple of nights ago I got a Drivatar reward of 7,440 CR which is a record for me. It said my Drivatar appeared in 14 races since my last session as well, which I believe is another record for me. Usually it appears in less than 5 races and often only one.

Anyway, it made me wonder what everyone else is getting in Drivatar awards and what may effect it.

So - what have y’all been getting?

I usually get 2-3k for 1-4 races. I don’t do multiplayer all the time but when I spent a day doing lots of multiplayer only I one got like 20 races and ~6k. It’s only one anecdote but it sure felt like multiplayer activity increased the drivatar activity.

I add people to my friends list all the time, strictly for this reason. My drivatar races in around 50 or more races a day, and my payouts are above 10K. I am going to keep doing this and see how high it can go daily.

11k the other day
No friends list

Lately, the past month or two, I get 5 to 15k. I used to get 30 and 40k for less races all the time. Anybody else notice they nerfed that?

Maybe your drivatar just isn’t placing as high in races as it used to.

My highest payout was like a little over 7K

The most I ever got is around 3,500 but usually I get less then 3,000.

I only ever get around 3000 which is hardly anything.

I have had 2 that have been just under $30,000 but normally they are $15,000 daily. It all just depends on how many friends you have running single player. The more playing single player the bigger the payout because your drivatar will race more

Honestly I cannot figure out the reward system. My 6 yr old is terrible, almost never plays and gets 16k or so a day. My other son is pretty good and gets maybe 5k daily. Me, above average, around 4k per day. I have tied to figure this out to no avail.

I usually get between 5k-10k per day.

I’ve gotten 10,000 in that ballpark a few times.