Life after the first finale

So after i beat the first finale and got the million i knew there was still alot more races i could do and there would be a finale part 2. So i go though all the races again for the second time having the mind set that oh since you beat the game again you get a million dollars and you can save up for cars like the Ferrari gto which is around 5 million if you have the 10% discount. But sadly i was missed taken i only got 85k for beating the game twice. So how are you going to get the millions you need to buy the super expensive cars in the game?

Grinding is your option.

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Forza Rewards, I have over 3.5mil cr and I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the game, due to Destiny!


I was shocked to see Finale II pays around 10% what the 1st one did, too, but there’s plenty of Cr to be had. Like Danowat said, rewards pays well, as does rivals. Turning up the difficulty fattens your payouts.

Also, chase down and challenge the drivatars marked with yellow crosshairs on your map. They’re fairly easy to beat by charging overland, and are worth like $75k with assists off.

I banked my wheel spins from level 11 to level 93 because I wanted to wait until I bought VIP. After I did, I won quite a few cars (15 to be exact) and somewhere around 4 million credits. Plus, while leveling up from level 11 to 93, I also earned a couple million credits just by racing and playing the game. Level 7 Tier Rewards netted me a cool 2.1 million just for playing Forza in general. There’s alos head to head racing and rivals.

I don’t think Money is too hard to come by in this game, but you do have to play to earn it.

Am level 240+, got 181 different cars in garage, 15 million in credits to spend.

With some skills, you can get more than 250,00Cr per hour doing Rivals. Join a club and get almost a million weekly for getting 1.5 Million XP accumulated. Crank up the difficulty of your career; I am making anywhere between 9 and 16K per race. Play online Roadtrips; every member of my Club is making roughly 50,000Cr per completed trip.

Unless you are 10000% sure you want that specific Ferrari, there are loads of options & cars to get along in FH2.

I’ve just finished the second one, it felt harder than the first and less cr

Agreed, the unbeatable-level-drivatar “turbo boosty” rubberband thing was quite noticable.

Did it in D class for $#%& and giggles, took around 25 minutes LOL.

Do you get wheelspins indefinitely from levelling up? Or do they stop at a certain level?

But…I’m confused, Ralph said this and I quote:

Errr…huh? What? So much content and more to find and explore? What is he talking about? I took from this, that after completing the finale, new race type opened up, new challenges opened up, that you could customize the road trip events and create your own (as in create your out “routes” for races) but on closer inspection it just means you choose where the next “hub” will be?

Dang…kinda dissappointed, still not done the first finale yet but wow i was seriously hoping there was actually “new” more content after part 1 or part 2.

As much as the car packs are great…I am actually starting to hope they release more “world” DLC, with more new areas, new race types, new barn finds, new “showcase” events and more, as I don’t think car packs is enough to make you “Keep playing” the game in 6 months time…hmm.

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I kind of assumed there would be one Finale for each class/championship, just seemed so logical.

So it appears there’s really only the first one that matters. Oh well, at least that let me pick the car I wanted for it.

I’d rather just re-race the Finale over and over again at this point, even if it is 10% of the credits of the first victory. I raced it in a Veneno and that was by far the most fun I’ve had in the game. Now I want to race the Finale again in the La Ferrari, the P1, Zonda, etc., etc… and as many have requested Online!!!

I have about 9.6 million. i just raced and got extremely lucky on the vip wheelspin. i bag top prizes like 4 times in a row lol. just race and you will get your goal. and dont spend money use what you have

My “total winnings” are >$15M, but I’ve bought some pricey, pricey autos…o_°

I’m somewhere up there as well. Last night I had around 8.8 million credits left. I decided I would buy some more cars but had to stop with 8 million left. I bought, easily, 4 or 5 cars, was able to upgrade 4 of them, and still - after racing them - had around 8.5 million again. I mean, I could easily spend all of my money, sit down and play the game for an hour and have another million or two.