Level 100+ drivatars all over the place & Rubberbanding drivatars?


Edit: added a second “issue” I had with drivatars. Those AI racers can past me at a pretty high speed in straight line (right after I overtake them in corners) which I consider not realistic. Also I noticed that if I get sticked by an AI at the back it causes me to slow down… Are they cheating in some way? Playing at unbeatable difficulty.

I’m already at an 85 with maybe 12 hours played. It’s really not all that hard to get leveled up fast in this game.

I’m level 45 and I haven’t really even tried all that hard to get there.

Some of us have had the game for a little longer and a lot of the drivatars you see in game are PG/Turn 10 staffers.


I have been playing my secondary account while they got some of the launch fixes going, but tonight I am going to start up with my forum account GT. I’m interested to see what happens when I run into my other level 40+ drivatar.

I’ve noticed a few behaviors relating to rubber banding that I don’t like. The biggest annoyance being when a Lambo visibly slowed waaaaay down when my little D class Renault smacked into a highway safety divider during a head to head. I mean, come on, I wasn’t going to win anyway…lol. (I just accidentally started a race with it, when trying to race another near drivatar, and was too lazy to manually quit.)

Other times I have also noticed low class car suddenly develop super amounts of speed when I take dramatic cross country short cuts with my Willy. Not enough to change the outcome in most cases, but enough that it annoys me to see the radar blip suddenly start flying through complex road sections like somebody hit a fast forward button.

Beyond rubber issues, I’ve been trolled a few times when an AI will suddenly veer into a head on collision with my car, for no apparent reason that I can tell, or I’ll see AI do a pitt maneuver on another car under suspect circumstances.

All in all though, the fun outweighs any negatives I’ve seen so far. I’m kind of waiting for the initial release fuss to die down on the forums, and then I probably make an effort to give some detailed feedback in a thread or two. They worked on the Drivatars for FM5, so I hope they’ll make some tweaks for this game has well.

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My guess is that it is possible that the game had to make AI cheat because we could take short cuts. But instead of cheating I would prefer seeing the AIs or Drivatars going through short cuts with reasonable intelligence as well.

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