The A.I in this game is seriously broken.

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The A.I all do the same thing, they suck under braking, they suck at cornering but they suddenly gain a turbo on the straight and blast past you. It is like Mario Kart level rubber banding…

Where it really shows it is broken is in the off roading events, suddenly the A.I is so OP and impossible to beat because they are basically one long straight with very forgiving corners that you canot make any time up on. So basically you just have a race of the A.I being flat out and just gaining turbos left right and center.

The A.I is just broken.

Like Forza 5 did the same thing, sucked under cornering and braking, but gained a turbo on the straights. However in 5 they suddenly braked for no reason what so ever and if you were slip streaming, you’d crash into them… again rubber banding efforts I reckon.

Or maybe you have the difficulty turned up too high?

I’ve yet to encounter unbeatable offroad drivatars. I don’t know how completely accurate the drivatars are to they players they model, but I believe their skill is comparable at least. I know out of my friends list there are two in particular who I find myself going back and forth with on rivals times and their drivatars are consistently the most competitive in single player.

Never noticed it (rubberbanding) in FM5 tbh, but you’re right about the random braking when you draft the A.I. racers.

I’m sure the game will improve with updates

Drivatars in this game are 100% better than the smack fest drivatars in forza 5, I can’t really say I’ve noticed any of what you say my drivatars have been pretty good racers on pro.

I can’t disagree more. In FM5 drivitars will brake on a straight or kink when it’s not necessary and they do make contact but it’s only bumps here and there. I just have to adjust to how my opponents drive. I have my difficulty on the second hardest. (just under unbeatable)

However in FH2 in free roam - drivitars pull into my lane and crash into me head on. Or they come flying across field and t-bone me on the road without even slowing down. I had to turn off sim damage which I have never done in FM5.

Drivatars in freeroam yes I agree with but I’ve had not problem in race events, sadly I can’t say the same for forza 5, long beach is a smack fest the drivatars just cannot negotiate that track at all infact most tracks in F5 the drivatars will just smash into each other on the corners if there is a group of them, some tracks are worse than others.

Plus braking in a straight line ( hard brake check) is ott.

These drivatars do not learn from there real life counterparts, mine and my friends drive nothing like us.

Drivatars in FM5 would all do the same thing, following them on a straight to slip stream and they would suddenly brake for no reason what so ever. If they are behind you they’d suddenly gain a turbo, if they were going into corners they wouldn’t defend their line, they would always let you go up the inside.

They don’t learn off any one, they are like any other games A.I only broken in an attempt to rubber band them like Mario Kart.

In races they seem well behaved.

In free roam less so.

I only spend time in free roam out of necessity though. Everything else is free fast travel for me. I get enough driving going from hub to hub to festival for any cruising interest I have. Other than that I race.

Now that you mention it I do remember seeing some rubberbanding in Forza 5 with the drivatars. Whenever one of them would crash and get extremely far behind they would catch up to the pack in half a lap.

Thanks for telling me what the drivatars have been doing. Hard to see them in my rear view mirror lol


Lol ^^ this made me laugh.

If your always in first that must get boring real quick. I’d be slowing down at the start if i were you…The racing in this game is great at times.

LOL, Eddie doesn’t slow down for NO ONE

Lol. Not at the start anyway. Part of my tuning is fine tuning the gearing to maximise launch.

But don’t take me too literally lol. I don’t win every race against the AI.

Last night I drove a maxed out Koenigsegg RWD in a circuit race in the Hypercar Championship. I was worried for most of the race that it was going to be my lowest finishing position in single player yet.

Thankfully last lap I put in a blinder and managed 2nd but it was a massive battle. Looking back it was an awesome race.

I actually think I view the AI differently than most though.

If they are giving me a challenge that is a good thing. Is their car going 20mph faster down the straights than my identical car can go? I don’t care it is just another car to try to beat and the challenge is a good thing.

The thing I think is wrong is that difficulty groupings eg easy, medium, hard or beginner, pro, unbeatable etc will always be flawed for certain people. Early on I was hopeless on unbeatable but winning easy on pro. I had to lift my pace to deal with unbeatable. This is a good thing ie me having to lift my game. I think they have tweaked up unbeatable a little.

But an F1 game around 10+ years ago had a difficulty slider not groupings. It was possible to tune the difficulty to whatever you wanted. I think this would get around a lot of the issues people are having.

They’re probably upgraded for speed rather than handling, like Fm5 thats why they suck at cornering but go fast at speed, if you put those upgrades you’d do that too

My impression of the drivatars in FH2 is that they are an odd mixture of baffling, incompetent, obstructive, and psychotic. Sounds about right to me.

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At least they prepare you for online where people use you as brakes and will shove you off track anyway -__-

Go into an online freeroam with randoms and observe how the average player drives around. Saw someone repeatedly driving his/her Alfa 33 into a wall, reversing, and doing it again. You’ll be parked waiting for a friend to join or whatever and someone hits you at 200 mph. Get near a player to check out their ride and they initiate a violent bumpercars match.

Drivatars learn from this, so don’t blame the robots automatically. It may not be their fault.


I saw literally this five times while playing single player last night. I wondered if the barriers around Nice suddenly became magnetic or something. Or the trees at the golf course.