Lets see your real car in the game!

One of the coolest parts about Forza for me has always been being able to make your own car in the game and drive it. It’s not quite as good as driving your real car on the tracks, but I guess it’s the next best thing. I’m sure plenty of you out there have made your real car (or maybe a car you used to have) in the game. Lets see some pictures.

I tried searching for this topic here, but didn’t come up with anything, so hopefully this isn’t a duplicate thread.

Edit: I think I finally got it!



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2 of my cars are in game the third not although there’s another variant ingame.

my 2 cars that are ingame are an E30 M3 and an Audi S1 Quattro the car not ingame is my daily A Lexus IS 300h the 350 is ingame however the 300h isn’t.

Fixed your pic for ya.

Or not…

Here is a clickable link at least…


The game has quite a few I have or have had.

1970 Dodge Superbee (although I think the ingame car is supposed to be a Hemi and mine’s a 383)
'98 Ford Cobra (although mine’s a convertible)
and my 1973 Corvette is pretty darn close to the '70 ZR1 (mine’s a Z07 package which was the L82 variant of the ZR-1 by and large)

off the top of my head the game has my old:

'03 SRT-4
'78 Scirocco
'84 GTI
'70 Z/28 (I had a '72)
I had a '74 240Z (not sure what year the game has.)

Is there a Volvo V70 mk1 in the game? I live in the UK so I don’t have the game yet. If there is, I will definitely recreate my knackered old car!

If only they had the Ford fusion lol. Forza should our pg should make I motorcycle game then I could post something

LOL… Same here. I have had mine for ten years now and it is still going strong. FM4 had a fusion I believe.

Yup - my DD is a Fusion and it is a great car. Catches people off-guard. Good for point and squirt during the daily commute, comfortable on long hauls and and fits all 4 of the family - I am 6’1" and my son is 6’5" so that is quite a feat!

They don’t have my 2012 Boss 302 or 2007 Mustang GT/CS although the 77 T/A is close enough to the 78 T/A.

FM3, I did one up like my buddies Sport he had at the time. Made a license plate and all. I don’t see them bringing that one back to the games unfortunately

I had a Mazdaspeed6, it was a great car that got no love.

Unfortunately my Car was never in a Forza titel :frowning: . I got a 2000 Opel Vectra B.

These are my R/T’s and you can guarantee that the charger srt8 and challenger hellcat are in my garage in game and painted these colors.



I drive a Fiat 500 Sport IRL , and that one isn’t specifically in the game, but I have an Abarth that is painted to look like mine! I will post pictures later!

There is no 87-95 wrangler. Or 97-01 Cherokee. So no pics from me. Now of all the vehicles I’ve owned. 2 are in the game. The 94 Miata. And 3rd gen camaro

:slight_smile: mine is the slightly newer one shame they don’t have the facelift ingame


Dude, I want my Jetta in the game again.

Would but they don’t have the A4 B7 in the game -.- still… 3 games later

second that.