lets see how quick this gets locked up!!

sooo it might just be me BUT, i was torturing a lobby of AWD drifters in an unlimited hopper earlier today and i so happen to see something in there that i dont see in the RWD hoppers, is the nurb GP layout in the AWD lobby but not in RWD!?!?!?!!? Is it just me or is anyone else just a little bit chapped about that!? like if your going to force us to make a private to do those darn tracks why not give us back our private made pubs!?! But anywho, thought id shine some light on it and see what sort of trolly remarks i get :slight_smile:

They should take every top gear track layout out of the RWD hopper and replace it with the nurburgring GP. 11 laps of the most pointless drift track ever… No thanks. But that’s kind odd they added it to AWD n not RWD.