Would be nice to have AWD Drift Hoppers too

Its nice to finally have some online drifting, but i find it would also be nice to actually have some diversity to how people want to drift not just limit us all to 1 thing, defeats the object in my opinion.

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" 5.8.
All vehicles must be equipped with a functioning reverse gear
final drive modifications are free, but only the rear wheels may propel
the vehicle. "


Be careful, your elitism is showing :wink:

He simply asked for a Hopper where he can slide about his AWD cars and have fun. As it stands such a Hopper doesn’t exist yet.

He was not looking to fully recreate the sport of drifting with accurate rules and regulations.

Make your own lobbies. Not many people use AWD, so Turn 10 probably doesn’t feel the need to cater to the .01% of people who actually care about something like that. Or learn real drifting…

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Just because you prefer RWD drifting doesn’t mean that people who like AWD shouldn’t have a hopper. they could easily add an AWD hopper and it would not affect anything with you and your “real drifting”

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i don’t understand why not added them in the game all other forza have 2 lobby for drift and when the last update 3 november he went out and i don’t see the lobby i understand we don’t see ever again unlimited drift lobby i hope i’am proved wrong i still play forza 6 for that and i’am not the only one

I would love to have an AWD drift hopper. that is actually one of the main reasons i bought this game. bought it finally earned enough credits to build and tune my drift car only to find out i cant.

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Same. It would be nice to have the Unlimited Drift Lobbies back. I enjoyed the good old days of everyone drifting together, regardless of drivetrain or PI.

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