Legacy title servers down. Never coming back?

Servers for Legacy Titles Forza Motorsports 3, 4, 5, and 6, and Forza Horizon 2 and 3, have all been down for almost a month now.
I’ve submitted a ticket to Forza Support, which USE to be helpful to alert someone about the server issues, but lately, all I’ve received is an automated message which states that legacy titles are no longer supported and there’s only limited support for matchmaking and leaderboards. Well, both of those are also inaccessible, so what gives?
So is Forza completely giving up on the servers for legacy titles, only leaving ANY support for FM7 and FH4/5? FM8 hasn’t even launched yet, and we’re only left with FM7, which is horribly broken. At least keep the servers alive for other titles while we wait for new releases.
I use to be a big fan of Turn10, but this is becoming rather shameful.


They’re cutting support for all “legacy” titles as an attempt to get as many people as possible to bandwagon onto FH5 and soon FM8. Unfortunately, I won’t be on that bandwagon any time soon.

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Just goes to show they don’t care about their community, especially the passionate players that love the goat, Forza Motorsport 4 and wish to play it still on their 360 console online because since there’s no backwards compatibility and probably never will be…

To just suddenly drop servers or issue but don’t care to fix, don’t care to tell anyone their plans, it’s really a dog act and it pisses me off.

Makes the og players that are huge fans start to not have any trust in t10 any more… But hey as long as they get their money from people for the new titles it’s all ok :money_mouth_face::moneybag::roll_eyes:.

Servers are running again in FM6 and FH2. Xbox 360 titles are still down.

I wish the communication was better regarding old titles, I know those aren’t supported anymore but there are people who still play and enjoy them.

It would’ve been good to have a way to know if the servers are down for good or if they are only down for a while (which at this point could mean months… :confused:).

I know it’s FM6 board, but one thing I LOVE about old titles is the ability to make a Private Lobby, and create custom single player races against AI. I wonder if it depends on Turn 10 keeping the servers up? Currently pretty much everything is down in X360 era games, yet you can still do that. Hopefully it will remain possible. Maybe it’s our console acting as a server when making those? :thinking: