Lausitzring, Eurospeedway

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From Lausitzring Wikipage:

The Lausitzring (formally known as the Dekra Lausitzring for ownership reasons) is a race track complex located near Klettwitz (a civil parish of Schipkau, Oberspreewald-Lausitz district) in the state of Brandenburg in northeast Germany, near the borders of Poland and the Czech Republic. It was originally named Lausitzring as it is located in the region the Germans call Lausitz (Lusatia), but was renamed EuroSpeedway Lausitz for better international communication from 2000 to 2010. The EuroSpeedway has been in use for motor racing since 2000. Among other series, DTM (German Touring Car Championship) takes place there annually


I’d love to see that track in Motorsport as it is a very unique track in europe. it features multiple different layouts reaching from 3.5km to 4.5km, the trioval itself, two different infield layouts and a combination of trioval and infield as run by the DTM for the past two years.
The very long oval has never been used as a racetrack, but it is part of driver safety trainings where you drive some laps around that 5.8km long oval and through the two 50 degree banked turns … particulary fun in a minivan at 110mph :rofl: (yes I did)

The Lausitzring was also built to replace the Berlin “city circuit” called AVUS (which was basically 2 long straights on the Autobahn connected by 2 hairpins)


Map is missing the neigboh test oval and the layouts that connect both