Largest horizon game yet smaller maps and less races

Horizon 4 was advertised as the biggest Horizon game to be released. This may be true for the amount of hard drive space it takes up but the map is much smaller than Horizon 3 and has a lot less races to compete in. Microsoft and Turn 10 really missed out on H4 by not making the map bigger to include major landmarks. You missed Loch Ness in Scotland, you could have included Manchesters cathedral, Liverpools cathedrals and ferry, the Humber bridge in Kingston upon Hull and many sights around London including the London Eye and the Shard to mention just a couple. This game could have been epic but its just mediocre! Also Britain just dont have many left hand drive cars in it so why does the game have so many? I live in England and very rarely see a right hand drive car. What a mess!!

Don’t worry, those will be included with the dlc


The map is the same size as the map of Horizon 3. Plus, the maps have never been a 1:1 recreation of the real-life location. In addition to that, Horizon 4 features more races than FH3. So both of your statements are untrue


70 races > 63 races
531 roads > 488 roads


plus seasonals, right?

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He said races, not tracks.

There were more races to complete before finishing all of career in FH3. These races included the use of tracks multiple times when attempting to do the championship aspect for each of the tracks.

Tell me again how more of the same stuff is more “new” content? You could also simply play different blueprints on each track in FH4 and get hundreds of more races so in theory, as FH4 has more Cars and some more race groups, FH4 still has more content then FH3 if you go with your argumentation… Now try to tell me otherwise. You’ll see your point is completely invalid.


The thing which was mentioned in this post which I agree with the most is the amount of right hand drive cars in the game. There are so few of them. I understand if it was only for American Cars which need to be imported generally(or generally are imported) e.g Viper, Dodge Charger etc but for a ferrari F12 and 458 Speicale… these are all sold in the UK with right hand drive configurations so why are a majority left hand drive. This is the one bit which bugs me.

Because these car models are built once and then kept that way. Some of the models in the game are six years old. And simply mirroring the model would lead to a bunch of issues with texturing and accuracy.

Seasonal events are just championships of the existing 70 races.

Do you expect them to include Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Kingston upon Hull and London?
That is a bit much surely, there is only so much they can do.

The map is similar in size to FH3, it’s not signifricantly smaller.

Also the whole LHT vs RHT issue is just something we have to live with, it is totally unreasonable to expect them to go out and rescan every single car in the game to make them UK spec. That would be way too much effort for something so trivial. Besides many cars in the game don’t have a real life LHT version, even ones that are officially sold here like the Chevrolet Camaro. It’s annoying that some cars in the game which seem very British are RHT but that is the car the manufacturer gave them access to at the time. It’s not like Playground games can just change it either because the manufacturer has to sign off on the final design of the vehicles.

Remember this isn’t a real life city driving simulator it is a casual racing game and the racing community doesn’t really care what side the steering wheel is on and neither do most gamers.


Umm Horizon 3 had landmarks from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Nearly the entire country was represented in the game in someway. Soooo why is having some truly iconic Great Britain locations a bit much?


I don’t think it would be “too much” but the developers decided to go for less “landmark cramping” and instead they just show some slightly different areas. For me this feels way better instead of seeing X biotopes like it was in FH3. The transitions from the different areas feel a lot better this way too.

Also this leaves more room for nice DLC areas unlike that horrible Hot Wheels thing we got with FH3 as example…


You complaints are invalid because “seasons change evra thin.”

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No. They are invalid because they are not true. Horizon 3 had 63 races, Horizon 4 has 70. The maps are the same size. Thus, both points made are not true.
And this whole “Why did the not feature place XY in the map” is simply stupid, sorry. They cannot do a 1:1 recreation of the map.


LOLOLOLOL this is both terrible and hilarious

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It’s a pity that there are so few urban landmarks, but the developers, went for a “Working Title” style Britain, presumably for the same marketing reasons Working Title choose to set their stories in a middle class non urban environment.

So if a game had say 10 missions and the game made you repeat those missions 4 times does that mean it has 40 missions. I’m sorry but it doesn’t work like that. If you feel it should then why not just complete all levels again and fool yourself into thinking it has double the content.


Good example but forza and well many racing games are different. You can’t use that example for any of the Forza motorsport career modes if we are now comparing to other non-horizon games now. In motorsport you literally run the same track many times over to complete various championships.

The method used in FH3 can be copied to any Forza motorsport game. The FH3 approach was to make championships optional for those who couldn’t be bothered to do motorsport style championships. For those who wanted to do championships, the option was there in FH3.

Here is the kicker though, in order to fully complete career mode in FH3 you had to do both the individual race at each track and the championship. This repetition is commonplace in racing games.

In FH3 to complete the gamerscore you had to do all applicable races. I believe the annoying comment from the game that you completed everything also didnt get told to you until after you completed all applicable races. Same thing goes for % complete stats within game.

In FH4 you have the exhibitions and 1 championship to do to get the achievements and that’s pretty much it to complete career.

Therefore, my initially post is accurate. The logic used by those that track is equivalent to races is inaccurate and flawed. Basically some of you are taking bits of info and attempting to reorganize it as a fact when in reality more info is needed to prove the fact.

Edit: content has nothing to with this discussion. Racing games typically recycle the same track over and over en route to completing career mode. It’s how the game is packaged that determines the quantity of races needed at X number of tracks in order to complete the game.

This game does have championships though. They cycle through 4 a week. Not sure if these are all going to be unique or just repeats but there could potentially be far more championships than FH3.

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