Large or small rims for drifting?

Do large or small rims work best for Drifting? ie thick or skinny tires. The description says that skinny tires increas grip during acceleration and cornering, but do they give you more or less grip during oversteer? Also should you be using light or heavy rims?

Large rims make the car stiffer, this might help traction loss, which is good for drifting. Note that lateral grip is different from traction.

However, I believe most of the wizardry in making a good drift setup comes from suspension tuning and choice of compound. It’s more difficult to drift with grippier compounds, of course, but the HE cars that have Race compound as standard (like Supra for example) don’t seem to drift badly at all, perhaps because they have enough power to break traction anyway.

Thanks, I’ve done about everything I could with suspension I just wanted to fine tune the tires: thickness, width, compound. Also, would heavier rims help with a slightly over powered build? What is the affect of rim weight in drifting?

I’d go lighter since weight usually helps traction and in the case of drifting might also make it more difficult for the car to change directions.

But again, even though I like to drift in the game, I’m no expert!

I’m no expert but I usually see people using large rims.

Honestly for wheel size just go with what you think looks best, as for width I like to keep a square set up (front and rear tires same width) and just set the width/tire compound to get the levels of grip you like. I think my AE86 is right around 500hp running street tire compound and stock width tires.

I am by no means a good drift tuner I just build a car that I find fun to drive, so don’t take this post as anything more than something some random guy wrote on the internet.