Larger rims/thinner tires = faster?

So I’ve been doing some binge tuning over the last few days after not playing for a few months, and I noticed after watching some top 3 replays in B class, they all have huge rims/low profile tires, usually only on the front wheels. So I decided to see if I could figure out why, and put some big ol’ rims on my B class RX-3 (which hurt to do, it’s ugly as hell now) but I managed to take it from 120th on a track to 68th after doing it, so there’s clearly some improvement to it. But I can’t figure why, it feels no different to me, but I would like to know why before I go wasting 3 PI on ugly rims for potentially no reason. Any of you guys know?

A little of topic, but I noticed huge camber (5.0) also makes a big difference, and feels noticeably better. Don’t know why that is either.

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Turns in quicker.

I started going to larger rims for the rear and many times for both rear & front. Helps me on the tracks with a lot of tight turns.

As far as the caster, I would not consider 5.0 as “huge”. I actually keep the default caster (which is actually at about 5) for my base tunes and only change (by feel) if I need to do so.

Caster is the 5.0 one relaxedkid. The camber u will usually run pretty high but I wouldn’t go 5.0 camber. I run around 3.5 camber.

Also front rims being large help the car turn in. A lot of my cars have larger rims but they can look really dumb

The thing about the camber that I can’t figure out is why it’s better to run more, you’d think optimal camber would be how ever much it takes to keep the front outside wheel even with the road, some goes for rear camber. But it isn’t, I can’t logically figure out what the advantage of anything over (call it 1.8 camber) would be, which leads me to believe the more the better which makes no sense when you use real world logic. I’m talking about mid corner grip by the way, not response times, maybe less camber helps with response times, turn in, etc.

As for rim size, that makes sense, I wonder if there’s an optimal rim size, I think I’ll go test that.

I agree with you regarding the logic (or non-thereof) of such high camber! I’ll have to check this out.

Ooops! I messed up…sorry, got them confused. I did mean CASTER, yet, the OP does say CAMBER (after reading again).

Thanks Johnson!

This is just my opinion on camber. I think the high camber values work because even though inside and middle are usually higher than outside in temp this is only because of the straights mainly. When cornering, with regard to Outside temps, you should see the temps accelerate slightly faster in temperature rise than inside and middle. Everyone tries to even out temps. If you had a continuous loop with no straight then maybe the outside tyres would eventually heat evenly but I think it’s about estimating that temperature rise. Or just even out the temps perfectly and increase negative by .5.


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I’ll repeat what I posted in a previous tire thread:

Keep your tires on the ground, and biting the asphalt. Tires sliding or rolling will not win races.

Large Rim Diameter and small Aspect Ratio.
As that will give the tire the most stability, The tire won’t roll on itself.
Wide tires will help with this as well.

So you see you either need grip to get you around those corners, or you have to slow down. Lateral Gs will eat your face. :slight_smile: