Lancer Evo X issue.

I’m not certain if the evo X is bugged or not.

Keep stock engine and try to upgrade the turbo, you’ll get a shift in the turbo lag up the rpm curve like normal, but it will provide +0 HP. in fact, since the bigger turbo weighs more, it drops the performance of the lancer several points.

I didn’t see a bug report forum, mods, move this if it’s in the wrong place.

Can anyone else verify this happens to them too I have the published version through the microsoft marketplace, not the disc.

if this has been talked to death, i did a search and didn’t find anything.

again, stock lancer evo X engine, no HP gains from turbo upgrade.

Yes it happens when I upgrade the turbo as well.

I think this bug was in FM5 as well, come to think of it.


There are many little visual big and paint glitches that aren’t worth fixing.

This, in my opinion, should be either examined and fixed or explained why that is so. I was under the impression this was a game so real life issues that may be present when upgrading turbo and nothing else, (boost and size of turbo) shouldn’t be an issue here.

I’m having the same problem and I remembered seeing a video where a guy was talking about how he was racing a Subaru and the Subaru had less HP and the Subaru beat him he was in a evo and he said he thinks that forza prefers Subaru over Mitsubishi and so I went and got the Subaru and tested it put all the same stuff on it that was on my evo and the when I did the turbo it said +58 HP so then just like how the other guy said that it also happend in forza 5 it makes me think that forza prefers Subaru over Mitsubishi but idk I would like it to be fixed to how it should be and no bias if there is any I’m not saying there is any it just makes me suspicious