I have recently upgraded my Mitsubishi Evo 10 and realised that when upgraded turbo from stock to the two other upgrade options that it doesn’t increase the hp or torque. If anyone has this problem too please let me know the engine fully upgrades to 532 hp which is low compared to what it has been in previous forza’s.

Everyone has this problem in Motorsport 5 and Horizon 2. That’s why you don’t see the cars with upgraded turbos a lot.

Unlike many visual errors, this is an issue that affects gameplay but Turn10 has yet to comment. I’m fairly sure the community at large hopes it is patched up one day or an explanation is offered as to why that is the case but don’t expect anything.

The issue with the turbo was never fixed in FM5 so I wouldn’t count on it being fixed in Horizon 2 either. We’ll have to just wait and see.

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Thank you for the reply am glad am not the only one with this issue and I have a EVO 10 in Forza 5 but I never touched it so I wouldnt of known of this problem. I hope they can repair this problem. The Forza games are too good to have these glitches especial for popular cars like the Evo 10. Oh well guess will have to wait and see.

oh it does increase something…weight…I think the race turbos add 5 lbs but now more power…sadness fills my heart now,lol