Mitsubishi EVO X Turbo kits don't add power!

This was a glitch in FM5 as well, so to see that it was never fixed after all this time is, quite frankly, disgraceful. I’m really enjoying the game otherwise, but to not be able to upgrade the car’s power makes it very unappealing to even bother with, and since I own the car in real life, this is very disappointing.

I hope TURN 10 finally takes note of this unacceptable oversight, though given how many YEARS have passed with this being deliberately ignored, despite having been mentioned on the forums on more than one occasion, I don’t have high hopes. If anyone else cares about this, please, please be vocal about it. Thanks…


Still not fixed? Expected, yes, but it’s quite shameful as it would be such an easy fix. I guess that just speaks to certain things though…

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How this couldn’t be fixed by now is beyond me… I mean come on.

LOL!!! I’m not surprised by this sort of thing anymore the Toyota Trueno front bar still isn’t fixed also. But it is funny I mean if I made a wrong calculation at work then applied it and didn’t fixed it within 2 hours it would ruin the whole building but for something not to be fixed after 2 years I’d sack myself, lol.

I’ve had that issue in FM5 as well. Bummer . . .

Well, let’s keep this thread bumping in hopes that T10 will do something about it this time. Thanks guys.


I was really hoping i could build this car up but with no turbos it really limits what this car can do and what class i can use it in… sad moment in a great game

Bump. C’mon T10, please do something about this.

Pretty bad, it was also the same way in Horizon 2

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So it sounds like the issue started with FM5, and they have just been porting the car over to every FM game since (which would be fine if there weren’t any problems with the car, but clearly that’s not the case). FM6 is such an outstanding game, and I’m really enjoying playing it, but T10 needs to quit ignoring stuff like this, because while it’s expected that any game will have bugs, to blatantly ignore them when they are made aware of them is doing a great disservice to the loyal fans that have made this series such a success.

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Please fix the Evo X! This has been an ongoing problem for years now.

Huh never noticed this. Then again I’ve always picked the Evo 8s and 9s over the X lol.

There’s quite a few things that didn’t get fixed from 5 and quite a few new bugs that came with 6. It happens when M$ forces a game every year rather than waiting to get a game perfect. Happened with MCC and now with FM6, even tho not as bad as MCC. Hopefully they listen and release a patch soon.

They are quick to patch when cars out perform their PI.

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I just hope that they actually care enough to fix it this time, because it shouldn’t take much time on their part, and it would mean a lot to those of us who want to use the car in the game. FM6 is such an outstanding game, and this seems like such an unnecessary problem. C’mon T10, please…

They seem to reply quickly in the support forum. Might need to post/link from there.

That and twitter.

Posts here don’t elicit a response.

I posted this in the main forums, but it was suggested I post a link here to elicit a faster response, so here’s the link:

They need to fix it really bad I can’t explain how mad I am about this if they come out with a horizon 3 it needs to be fixed it that and they also need to fix it in motorsport 6 I knew about 5 and horizon 2 but I just found out about 6

Yup, it’s been discussed at length; in fact, was one of the topics in this section just after a month the game was released. I too have brought this to light. Perhaps, if enough people talk about it, T10 will eventually take notice and correct it. The Evo 10 is a sweet car to drive, they improved the motor/exhaust notes… now all we need is the juice!

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