Lamborghini Diablo gtr not showing up

I’ve upgraded all the Diablo sv and it says it’s added but I cannot find it anywhere.
Anybody else had this issue?

You collected it from the Accolade screen first for it to not show up?

Yes I’m sure I did but will check, where about would it be?

It’s showing up as got in car mastery but not in accolades

If you purchased the perk from the car mastery tree the gtr will go straight in your garage.

That’s the thing all the others that I have got my are showing up in the garage and the accolade is yellowed but although this shows In mastery it’s not in garage or accolades.

I know the only one I don’t have is the Mazda.

I just tried it and it worked for me on xbox 1x. Maybe try rebooting and double checking without any filters on when viewing your garage. I can’t think of anything that would prevent it from being added to your garage when you purchase the perk. For example, if your garage is full it won’t let you purchase the perk.

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I’ll give it another try, I cannot work out why as it’s ok with the others.

Is it possible you accidently removed it from your garage or auctioned it away? I’ve played Horizon series enough years to have made both mistakes.

No I’m very careful only auctioned cars I had double of.

I’ve had the same problem. No idea where the car is.

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Did you buy the Diablo SV off the auction house with the car mastery akready full?

Me too! Has it ever been fixed? I spent a TON of SPs on it.

(Sorry for the necro).

unless the Diablo GTR is bugged for the save-game getting another Diablo should work to have it in the garage, at least that’s still an option