Kinda hate Forza Horizon 3 now

Was just near the end of a 5 lap Goliath race. End of the fourth lap and my game freezes. There goes 40 minuets for nothing. Sooooo annoyed. Really kills my want to play this game now especially knowing that it freezes on the Goliath race of all races. Sigh…

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Lol, have you been playing for too long?

Sometimes it’s the Xbox overheating. Be sure to give the box some peace so it canever run smootly again. Or give it more fans.

The game is smooth for me, unless it crashes… then I hear the xbox’s fans roaring at full blast.

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The X box 1 was tested under extreme conditions to make sure there never was any red ring problems or over heating like the 360 did,would be near impossible for an x1 to screw up because it got to hot,i put a towel over mine to keep the dust problem down and my day one box came on during the night once with the Kinect for some reason and was on for over an hour with the towel covering it and still never got that hot!!

Yeah, a crash after 40mins is a hardware issue. Where do you live, the Sahara?

Yeh it all depends where people keep their console
If in a small poorly ventilated enclosure or box it will overheat and crash

This has nothing to do with overheating. It’s a RAM issue. If you use the “instant-on” option in the dashboard’s power settings, your game will crash (actually, all games will) - especially if you change games/apps often.

Just change it to “energy-saving” if you want your game to quit crashing. Or physically unplug it every time you shut it off. Either way, the RAM needs to be manually flushed since the xbox 1’s OS isn’t capable of doing it properly.


^^ This.

The Xbox One’s ability to stop a game and open another app (or shutdown) is not implemented very well. What it’s doing is dumping the game state from memory to the hard drive, and then recovering it whenever you open the app back up. Every time you do this, there is a possibility that a byte or two gets lost in translation, hence the freeze.

I always fully quit any apps I have open before I shut my Xbox off. Press the Xbox button, then select the app, press the button with the 3 lines (used to be called the Start button on 360) and select Quit. This fully quits the app, which flushes all of the game data out of memory. You can also use Tardil’s suggestion, which essentially quits all apps whenever you shut off the Xbox, effectively clearing their game states.

I have had only 1 game crash on me, and that was because I left the Xbox on for like two and a half days without quitting any apps.

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If it was overheating the Xbox would crash. The game just froze on me and closed me out to the home page. Plus my Xbox has tons of air flow, so that’s not it. Also, I have done this race many times before, so that’s a bad reason.

Hmm. Try reviewing your account? Delete it from your Xbox and then set up your account again. You won’t lose your apps or progress.

There was this one time where my login glitched and wouldn’t let me play any games. Maybe…? Can you still play it now?

…how long do you play games on that xbox on a daily basis?

I think you misunderstand the problem. I can play (well I’m assuming I still can. I just turned off my xbox after this happened as I was fed up). I’m mad about the fact that it wasted my time, and now I don’t want to play it. I’m also now paranoid that the game will crash on me when I’m doing that race now. That is whenever I come back to the game (really don’t want to right now).

Apart from some small physics issues which have been mentioned within the community, what you are talking about probably annoys be the most. I still love the game its just an inconvenience. Here are the problems I have had with the Goliath Race (not the race in general, just stuff happening whilst doing it, I do 6 laps for reference)

Disconnected from Horizon Servers if doing the race on co-op campaign (happened on like 3 and lap 4) and one of those times I was on a 300k skill chain with a x6 multiplier
Game freeze (only really freeze on XB1, PC is fine)

And the last is a BIG issue which I have not experienced as 99% of the time I play on PC but I have had 2 friends experience this on the XB1. If they miss a check point or crash out during the race it will need to re spawn them, for some reason on the XB1 the respawn time bugs out most of the time and takes 30+ seconds as opposed to say, 2. And during this black screen time the game THINKS you are playing again, and starts counting down an inactivity warning, and they just sit there helpless then get kicked 4 laps into a long ass race.

New games are prone to glitches. Give them time- I think the next update/patch will likely be Tuesday.

And still it freezes so yeah


Does me a lot of good now…

That’s the game telling you that farming Goliath is not good for you.


I saw a guy farming this race on 50 laps. Tell this to that guy.

I know. That sounds like torture. But every Goliath fan should lock himself to infinite laps on this circuit to make that xp and credit counter increase fast.
Because that is the only thing that counts.

such hate over something that doesn’t effect you in the slightest. Does it really bother that much how others want to play their game?

If people did not brag all the time about doing xxx laps of Goliath (and the associated gains), it wouldn’t.
We really need FH3 Goliath edition with that single circuit with uncapped lap count so you can have the 24h of Goliath.
To be fair, the game by its design encourages grinding and the race to xp levels / credits. That’s a bit the drawback of games that constantly throw increasing numbers at you, all the time.

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Well at least the games not being stupid for just me