Keeping game pad on for chat while using tx wheel

The game pad always shuts off while using tx wheel.Obviously the gamepad is nedded for chat but if you dont push a button every few minutes it turns off.Ive tried plugging it into usb port while playing but still same effect.I cant find an option in xbox settings to keep gamepad on either… Anyone find a way to keep this on that I havent tried?

Hmm that’s weird mine stays on when plugged into the usb

Out of curiosity does it have to plugged into the console’s USB port or can it be anything convenient? I plan on getting a wheel when the Logitech drops and I’m trying to work out how I’m going to handle chat whether it be with a game pad and supplied headset or go Turtle Beachish style . My console is ~10’ from where I play.

Power is power can be plugged into any power source. I am same situation as you so I plug my controller into wall outlet

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