Kate Moss, Ice Cube, Hed Kandi, So Many Me available

Hi all,

Been a long time painter, just picked up an Xbox One last weekend & a copy of FM5 in the week. Been trying to play the career more than anything but did manage to put together a fairly quick paint and shared it in game.

It’s supposed to be Kate Moss, someone messaged me not that long ago on the 360 about having a go at painting her - was on the verge of getting my one, so couldn’t promise anything. I did get so far as googling pictures of her, which is why I had a go at her now.

Anyways, it’s up, thanks for any downloads. & have fun.



Welcome to the “other side” lol.
Can’t wait to see what you come up with, great start so far. Looks like her to me.

Thanks Pocket, always helps if you put their name right next to them in big letters just in case the resemblance isn’t all that :wink:

I’ve happily just noticed an open source tune for the car in A class from ECT Loco;


So now it’s quick and not too shabby looking. Got no where near the layer limit (not even the fm4) layer limit doing this one - might need to adjust my thinking when picking source images now I have a lot more layers to play with.

Still had to start somewhere & quite happy with her as it goes.

Will keep you posted on whatever I get up to next.



Kate looks great D! Good to see you’ve dipped your paint brushes over here.

Took me long enough lol. Bought the game 2nd hand Monday, pretty sad to see day one edition 2013 on the cover.

I’d worked for the same company for 25 years at the beginning of July, so was awarded £250 worth of vouchers - which helped me fund the one

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Welcome D :slight_smile: nice looking design man!
any idea what you will do next? I still have a lot of unpainted cars… :wink:

It’s a bit of mystery as to how my mind works/ design ideas come to be honest. However I have started design number 2 - this one is supposed to be Ice Cube - still a work in progress;

Very nice work here DamMe. I will grab this one when it’s ready.

Nice work

Thanks WSD - You’ll be happy to know I managed to use over 1000 layers on Mr Cube so far :wink:

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nice work on ice cube D !

Over a 1000 layers seems a bit high to me… but you’re new to the 3k limit so i’ll let it slide :wink:

Thanks, it is really quite liberating not worrying about running out of layers so quickly though, may have got a bit stamp happy with the paint splats.

I’m off out shortly so no painting tonight, will see what happens tomorrow & update when I can.

If the downloads/ usage stats you can see in my designs is accurate Kate was not exactly a hit. It is late in the game though & whatever I paint now should be a sort of prep for fm6 launch - best not wait 2 years this time :wink:

Catch you all later


very good work DamnMe,
this vinyls is already very neat.
continued your good job

I wouldn’t go by the downloads stats. Unless people know what car to look for its impossible to find new paints. Hopefully it improves in FM 6.
Next time I get on I will grab one so add a 1 to the downloads…lol

Thanks Pat, Pocket & Gothic. The reason I’d wondered about the stats Pocket was if you download Kate when you get on & it updates, it won’t be so much plus 1 as 1 total.

I’m doing a bit more on Ice Cube right now, added a bit more shading to his face and started on the background - will depend on how that looks as to whether or not it makes it to the final design but giving it a go, seeing as I have the layers there to do that now. I’ve googled a couple of Ice Cube logos & seen a couple of other images which could potentially make it on to the car given time & patience.

I should have another update tonight, thanks again for stopping by.




Updated pic

Slightly dodgy city scape added to background & Ice Cube logo done

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great update! :slight_smile:

Nice work man. Cant wait to see all the paints you come up with. I like the ice cube, so great job

Wow, looks great!

well it is about time!!!

Thanks again for the comments gents & Mimic, I know it took me a long time to get on the one, so playing catch up at the moment.

I’ve painted another image of Ice Cube for the hood of the car;

I’ve shared the design as it is on the Chrysler.

Watching the F1 this aft & got some other bits to do about the house, so pretty much out of painting time today. Out tomorrow after work, so no more painting likely till Tuesday evening.

Thanks for looking

Cheers all


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