DamMe2006's Fantasyland

Evening All,

I’ve been a forum member since 2007 and been painting pretty much ever since. Only recently joined the Xbone owners club, so don’t have 100’s of paints to bring across from FM5 - I’ve also been enjoying driving either career or rivals a bit too much since getting the game to crank out many paints. I’ve got a few bits that are new though and will add more as time goes on.

Anyway - welcome to my fantasyland, my paints can be a fairly eclectic bunch - I’ve been trying to get better at portrait type work but still manage to throw some randoms in, depending on what images catch my eye, when trawling google, or what seems to me at least would make a good design.

Have fun and feel free to comment.

Cheers all


Imported designs from FM5

Kate Moss- 2010 TT;

Ice Cube - Chrysler 300 SRT8;

So Many Me- Evo 6 GSR;

Rat Rod - Dodge Hemi;

Bear Rising- Evo 8MR;

Hed Kandi (Originally a co-lab between me & ABGraphics on the 360) - Honda Civic 07

New for FM6;

MTG Duels - Jace (Lotus 2-Eleven);

Hot Import Nights Girl (Mazda 2016 MX-5);

Closer look at the girl image

MTG All will be one/ Elesh Norn (alfa SZ);

Cate Blanchett '86 Alfa Spider

Noir 2012 Aston Martin V12 Zagato

Halloween Bash paints

GT - DamMe2006

File name Casp3r (apparently Casper is inappropriate)
2011 BMW X5M

C Class tune available in ECT Loco Ubog sharefront

File name Candyman
1988 Lamborghini Jalpa

D Class tune available in ECT Chef Ubog sharefront

File name Lost Boys
1967 Lamborghini Miura

Open source B Class tune available from ECT here;


Squeezed in one last little (Mini even) paint for the Bash

65 Mini
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

MTG Toyota Supra 98

Took a while - started for the Bash but not finished in time;

New Noir themed car - 1940 Ford Coupe

Shared two versions of the paint - Greyscale

& a tad more colourful

Also painted this last week - don’t really try to do replica’s but gave this one a go - #31 Lancia Corse Beta Montecarlo Turbo

More Magic - Porsche 911 Turbo S 2014

Horizon 3 - 1977 Holden Torana A9X

Akira - 1975 #25 BMW Motorsports 3.0 CSL

More to come as and when I get around to throwing some layers down!

Everything has been shared - should be able to find anything you like by searching my GT or ECT.


Geeze! These are amazing mate, needless to say I am totally speechless. Keep up the great work, these paints are amazing.

Looking good Damme.

Nice start and great to see you kicking off D. See ya soon.

Thanks for the comments guys, got some time off coming up next week, so should have some new stuff to show you then (if not before).


looks good bro, will be checking these out soon

Great work DM!! As soon as FM6 finishes downloading i’ll be searching your GT for these =)

I remember that Hed Kandi one from the 360 :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to be downloading these later on when I get on my xbox. Awesome paints as always!

Awesome work D !

Excellent paints. Will go car shopping later to grab me some of these fab paints.

Holy moly D, youve been busy for someone who’s recently joined the Xbone :wink:

I will be grabbing a few later :wink:

Yey, Hed Kandi is over!

Great stuff D, expect much awesome from you


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Quality work as usual D, Hed Kandi are doing this years Edinburgh Hogmany.

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Evening All,

Just wanted to very quickly say thank you for all of the positive comments on my paints.

I’ve been working late most nights this week & they’ve decided to do a charity coffee morning at work tomorrow, as part of the McMillan Big Coffee morning - great cause but I was expecting it to happen next week. If you’ve not heard of McMillan before, it’s a cancer charity in the UK who provide support and care to people with cancer - it’s a really good cause but it means I’m currently baking cake(s) and not on my Xbox ;).

I do have some time off next week & will hopefully have something new at the weekend.

Thanks again, it really does mean a lot when someone takes the time to post.



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Well it’s a worthy cause mate and I hope the drive goes well. With that in mind I still can’t wait to see what new paints you put out.

Thanks Ace, yeah I believe we raised a couple of hundred pounds, every little helps.

I didn’t get much time to paint yesterday, did make a start on something today - to be fair not done much of anything else all day, so probably going to take a break for a bit.

Took a couple of pics as was struggling to get a balance where you could see some of the details - probably won’t be able to see much at all when it’s shrunk down even further to get it on the side of a car but oh well!

Its something I found whilst searching up some Magic images, spectacularly weird looking thing, I love it & painting different things helps keep things fresh in the booth.

Cheers all, will update again when I’ve got some more layers down.


Looks like something big in the making D. Look forward to see your magic.




haven’t seen you in ages my friend, hopefully timezones permitting I can catch you in a party online, be nice to say hi in person ( so to speak… lol )

paints look good, I’m really interested to see what this new vinyl you’re working on is… its looking cool, very intrigued to see where it goes.

be safe buddy :slight_smile:

Any of you guys know the color code for nissans midnight blue and midnight opal, I’ve been searching so long now my eyes are bleeding.

Cheers gents.

FA - if by big you mean too big to fit on a car you’re probably not wrong lol

Janda - good to see you lad, aye been a while since we caught up, hope all is well you, will try and look out for you online.

& Jared - sorry don’t have a clue!

Bit of an update, sketched in the shape of her other hand, did the top of her thighs & roughed in the general shape of some material which is sort of draped over/ past her.