June gameplay demo: not seeing any road racing there

But maybe they just want to be promoting these new playground-like features.

What do you think?


I think you are correct. I rewatched the gameplay feature specfically to look at the roads shown on the hud and I saw plenty of great twisties. I know there are plenty of us who want more of that street/tuner culture in Horizon but given what they’ve announced with the customization I think we’re going to be fine.

Playgrounds main problem is that they`re primarely trying to appeal to six year old brats


When considering the latest Forza Horizon games, I have always found the name of the studio, “Playground Games”, to be illuminating in terms of their interests and focus. Truth in advertising here.

Always wondered how this game series might have developed under the direction of “Fairly Serious Racers Studio”.

And behind those new game modes there will be a million different exclusive cars locked up.

The trailer was focus so much on corss country (or Baja this time?) and playground games. Exactly the two game modes that are the most controversial. Not a good first impression.


This is the way it is done. They show the best things they got first. For that first good impresion.
People dont know, but good first impresion is very important. If they continue like this then it looks promising.
If this was the best they have, they will have some problems.

The sprawling network of underground tunnels sounds interesting.

I was also looking for road racing in the trailer. It certainly gave off FH3 Australia vibes which kinda turned me off as I didn’t enjoy the outback too much. But I’m still excited for FH5 and looking for further announcements!

Also, pls pls no more winter racing. That was an auto-quit in FH4 when it came up in online racing.

Winter racing was OK for me, I suppose because the traction model wasn’t that terribly far away from the other seasons. A little glare ice on the downhill off-camber turns? No, but thanks anyway.

But if I never saw another free-roam rush again it would be too soon :wink:

If that word even exist in the game… so much pain.

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They were showing off the new features of the game itself, not things that we have had in every single Horizon.


Hate to break it to you, but you guys are playing the wrong game. It’s been clear for a long time what direction Horizon was going in, and these first looks at H5 underscores it. Horizon is the place where off-road Forza racing lives, be it cross-country, freeroam rush, mixed surface/dirt (or whatever they’re calling it this time), custom PeeWee’s Playground, etc etc. Alllll of that sort of thing, aka racing that requires rally springs, this is that game.

If you have an aversion to that sort of thing, or simply have a strong, non-negotiable preference for asphalt-only racing, w heavy emphasis on circuits, etc (none of which is there a thing wrong with, that’s all totally fine)…Motorsport is the home for that. Unfortunately, that game continues in development, so there’s still a wait. Good news is, it’s being redeveloped from top to bottom, and will be an entirely new experience for you guys (which is fantastic news because I don’t know about you guys, but I was getting pretty sick and tired of feeling like I was buying the same beat Motorsport game with many of the same stale tracks over and over and over again).

My recommendation is that guys take s deep breath, put your big boys pants on, and get real familiar with tuning rally springs because you’re going to need them if you’re going to insist on playing a game that is mad trending in a direction contradictory to the type of game you clearly want to be playing.

It is what it is. :man_shrugging:t2:
(All these tears are delicious, btw :ok_hand:t2:)


People aren’t wrong to be peeved by it when the franchise started and grew from road/street racing, it should still have a place within Horizon just like the base of any other game franchise should always be a foundation of it’s future entries.

A bit like Rockstar growing into a behemoth from brilliant single-player GTA’s then basically sticking 2 fingers up at those same people that got them there by binning single-player DLC’s and focusing solely on GTA Online I think what’s irking people is that PG could show the franchise’s original fans some love but look like they simply choose not to.

All parties could still be satisfied in a Horizon game if PG cared enough.

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I think you’re all just looking too much into the trailer. I only played FH3 and FH4, and both look primarily off-road from the previews as I remember. But I think they got the balance just right in the end. I think they’ll be able to hit it just right this time too.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

We’ve seen very little from a few clips and half of those clips showed normal roads. It’s a map 1.5 times bigger than FH4 & FH3.