Jeep Trackhawk rivals event

How is it possible to upgrade a car in this event?
Sounds daft… but the car is supposed to be stock and the guy who currently holds #1 has over 900bhp !!!
Will cheated times on rivals be deleted?
You can view replays on these events, so its very easy to determine who has or who hasnt cheated.
Its a simple case of either ridding the leaderboards of these people or allowing everyone to compete in a similar way.
Whats everyone elses views?

I think this is stock race only. Clean races are always above dirty/short cut on leaderboards. Though there is one corner which is quite difficult to drive clean.

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I haven’t tried the Trackhawk Challenge yet, the 2018 Jeep Trackhawk tested by Car and Driver was listed as 700HP. If cheating is possible that is really discouraging.

Well if he has cheated message Turn 10 with his gamer tag the track, the type of car and PI and if it is a locked event wher you use a rental you can not upgrade and he has some how got arround this then his but is grass and will recieve some very unwelcome in game mail.

Do not post his details in the Forums that is a no no

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Just watched the replay with telemetry and I was wrong in my previous posting. The #1 time posted is topping over 1038 hp and is running race tyres…Take a look. at the time posted, 1:11.155. Thats a really fast jeep…Charles

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#1 and #2 positions are both way over hp and on race tyres. 1038 and 902 respectively. I’m calling CHEAT…Charles


Being able to do this will put people off running the event.
There are 2 options T10 have here, either allow everyone to max out their car or delete the times posted that have cheated.
Enforce the restrictions that are listed.


Neither will happen, otherwise 90% of the boards would have been wiped by now.

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Forgive my lack of knowledge, but how is it possible to top a leader board with a car way beyond spec? If blatant cheating exists like this then there is no point in investing time in the game.

It is simple, the game has bugs. It has been reported several time already that in certain Rivals event people are somehow able to tune a car beyond what is allowed. I have reported it to T10 a few times with the details of how that was possible in one instance where I stumble upon it. Then after that never set times in those Rivals where that can happen. Recently it was the one with the Alfa.


If the game lets you buy the car for the rival challenge, you’ll be able to tune it as is, depending on what you can adjusted. The tire pressure is a given, I didn’t change it on my jeep. But you would get a slight more grip. Hope this helps.

It’s not cheating, the event is broken.

On xbox people never thought of the day that came true. Of being able to play xbox games on the pc and players would have freedom to what ever they want and edit the values to the game. Because it’s a xbox play any where title. Oh an another thing cloud storage that lets you save data from console to pc then back. That’s how I think there doing it, modding the game to there advantage.

because modded consoles and cheating doesnt happen on consoles arent things, right?

2544 players are using stock Jeeps, 2 players are using hp and tyre enhanced Jeeps, and thats not a cheat? Now Brewster, thats the arguement you’re making? Since one can build a race truck and manage to trick the game into seeing it as a “stock” jeep, thats not a cheat? When I fiirst saw the event I tried to join wiith my A700 car. Not allowed…You think those 2 got a different message? I’m betting they didnt. …Charles