January Spotlight Challenge - Audi - BUG?

Am I the only one who has been subject to a bug in this Rivals event?

The Audi RS 3 LMS doesn’t shift! I have all assists off except for automatic. The car maxes out at 82 mph down straights and refuses to shift up. When I tap the brake it will suddenly shift. What the heck?

Went to Free Play with a Mazda RX7. Same issue. Checked My hardware connections (TX Servo/T3PA Pro) and all were tight. Went to Assetto Corsa and no issues. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

works fine for me, recheck your settings
even restart your PC or console or whatever you are playing on since you never stated

Hmmm haven’t had any issues with the car for me. I’m on the TX as well.

Must have been a hardware issue at my end. I’ve recently re-routed my cables. I checked everything and all seemed good. Reset my usb at the back of Xb still didn’t work. Double connections next day and now all is well.

I have suspicions it may be the RJ connector from wheel to pedals, it never seems to seat tightly (Thrustmaster). All is good for now anyway.