Shifting i the only one annoyed?

So I couldn’t help but notice as I was playing with the Audi RS3 that when I shifted, the shift times were like it had a manual gearbox/a super old semi automatic gearbox (pause between gearchanges was about a second). IRL, the RS3 has a dual clutch 'box, so it doesn’t make any sense to me. In FH3 the gearchanges with the RS3 were super quick. If anyone has played Assetto Corsa, you know that with PDK/DCT cars the shifts are seamless and it behaves like it would in real life. Why has Forza not been able to get this right? It seems like it’s so simple but they just keep ignoring it. Pretty similar with the GT2RS as well.

Let me know if I’m crazy…

See Assetto Corsa with an M4 here: - YouTube

Forza 7 RS3 here: Forza 6 vs Forza Horizon 3 vs Forza 7 - 2011 Audi RS3 Sportback Sound Comparison - YouTube


I second this, it’s quite annoying, and adding the Audi RS7 and RS6 to this list. FH3 has the shift times and sounds nailed.

It’s not just the paddle shift cars. I use manual w/clutch and unless I have a race transmission installed gear changes are only slightly shorter than manual w/o clutch. In F6 you would hit the limiter only ever so slightly between gear changes if you weren’t super fast on the buttons (controller) but in F7 there’s a much longer time between gears and more on the limiter. It sounds like a 17yr old trying to quick change his new 2-stroke bike using the clutch…

It’s the same for all cars it seems. Even after it’s in gear watch the rpms, they move up and down as though the transmission can’t handle the gear change, then begins to smoothly accelerate. Another glitch perhaps…

Well then, what is the point of a dual-clutch paddle shifter if the times are the same as a manual stick shift? This was a non-issue in H3 and FM6, so why is it an issue now?

I think it’s done this way because race transmission upgrades would make no sense on a car with already lightening fast shift times from the factory.

The biggest benefit of the race transmission is to tune individual gears, not just to speed up shifts.

You can install a race clutch too. This will help with your shifting times as well.