It took a winter challenge to make me realize I have an unhealthy addiction

For as long as Forzathons existed in this game I tried to convince myself that I was having fun playing Horizon 4. When I entered a race that only allowed Koenigseggs in the snow and noticed that every other driver is weather proof while mine was sliding everywhere even with winter tires, I realized this wasn’t fun. It made me realize that all the headaches and pulling of hair in the past wasn’t done for fun either. The Daily challenges requiring three or more stars with specific vehicles, the endless grinding for skill points, and racing fairweather vehicles in Mal-weather conditions have been taking a toll on my stress levels and blood pressure. Is this game addicting, yes. Is it fun, no. Is that a good thing, no. Can improvements be made to make this game addicting and fun, yes.


Yeah, Playlist removes fun from the sandbox game. It’s still possible to fix it.

For example instead of having hypercars racing in the snow they could have off road vehicles racing in the snow.


The AI is massively slower in the snow than it would be in the dry. Just tried the Festival Sprint course in Summer then Winter. I was 3 seconds slower in Winter (in the same car) and the 2nd place drivatar was a massive 11 seconds slower in Winter - so I won by 11 seconds rather than 3 seconds. Whether or not the drivatars are sliding, the snow substantially slows them down.

When you first posted this complaint about the Jesko event, I suggested a possible car and tune. Did you try it? There’s plenty to complain about at Forza but it being “too hard” is not one of them - especially in relation to solo events that only require beating “highly skilled” drivatars.

Here’s a link to Waznewz making the event look fairly easy, together with some helpful possible tunes and advice -


What has really killed the fun of the game for me is running out of space for tunes. I’d like to try the CCGT with rally tyres against race tyres, to see if the AI’s times change based on what tyres I’m using, but it’s just too hard to free up tune space to do that sort of thing.


Just tried that. I did 1.17 with snow tyres and 1.20 with race tyres. Lead drivatar both times did 1.28.

I then tried the Jesko (snow tyres) and ran 1.15. Lead drivatar this time was a CCGT (Agera both times when I was in the CCGT) and did 1.25 - top 8 drivatars were under 1.28.

I then tried a winter tune for the One (RWD obviously) and did 1.23. Lead drivatar again in a CCGT did 1.25. Only 3 cars under 1.28 this time though.

No real pattern, other than possibly the drivatars are better when they are in CCGTs.

Final attempt was back in the Jesko. I put the drivatars up to unbeatable this time (the above were on highly skilled). I did 1.17 (probably as it took me slightly longer to get past them). Lead drivatar (amusingly in a One) did 1.24, and top 6 drivatars were under 1.28. Not much difference between Unbeatable and Highly Skilled in terms of time - I suspect it’s different if you haven’t overtaken them in the first 10%, as rubberbanding probably kicks in.

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I am using XBox One S with XBox One Controller, I used Highly Skilled mode, no rewinds… race was easy. Ai slow down a lot on the white patches of road where there is no grip. You can usually overtake a whole bunch of them there. Make sure TV is set to game mode else you have too much of a delay between moving the controller, and the car turning.

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I love and hate this game for so many reasons.
After investing about two hundred hours I discovered the cloud sync wasn’t actually updating my progress. I lost about 40 hours of progress from botched syncs. When I sent a ticket, their answer was to delete my entire profile and start again with “tons of free credits and wheelspins” they kept saying its a corruption issue and I have to delete my profile. I explained I just wanted my forzathon points, my backstage passes, and my cars back, my save isn’t corrupted. They said they can’t give me anything until I delete all my progress. Then they randomly sent me 100 million credits to my gifts inbox. Like, thanks and everything but it’s not really a solution. After the sane thing happened a further 3 times, I now use an Xbox as a memory card. After I finish a session on PC, I switch on xbox, attempt to sync from cloud, if it doesn’t work, I close the game, open the game on PC again, save the game by changing settings, then quit and try to sync it on xbox again, repeat until the sync actually works. Then I take my Xbox with me and use it to make sure the game syncs on my partners PC by the same method when I stay with her. So yeah I essentially have to carry an Xbox around with me to ensure my game syncs between PCs. Microsoft solution is literally ‘bruh just delete all your progress and we’ll give you free ingame money’.
Cool. How about you just fix your game?

Online quitters, massively unbalanced ranked teams nearly every race, online rank never going up despite winning, rewinding to a missed checkpoint only to be spawned in front of the checkpoint you missed, visibly finishing first but registering second when touching another player on the finish line, constant disconnects, OP cars that everyone always uses online making races bland and predictable, rammers, no consistency for wall collision slowdowns, every single speed zone, speed trap, danger sign etc leader board absolutely riddled with obvious cheaters, predictable and often broken drivetards, literally everything about winter.

But I love the community, shout out to Aquapainter for helping me out personally once before. Racing with friends is always fun, I love the variety of vehicles available, beautiful graphics, new content all the time, huge variety of online play, new player made content is cool. How do they get so much wrong while also getting so much right?

Doubt anyone read the entirety if that novella but cheers if you did :wink:


If you’re not having fun you should stop playing but in terms of challenge, that koenigsegg series wasn’t difficult by Forza standards.

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I did that challenge first try every race with unbeatable drivetards. I do hate winter and everything about it though :joy:

The whole Playlist is too easy
Select some event on ‘high skilled’ and choose koop use some low pi car if someone joins with max-pi for the class the drivatars have pi’s between your’s and the other one and there is no problem to become 1. or 2.

Is there any major diff in ai on unbeatable? Think it changes startposition only.
On unbeatable you’re starting at p12 (high skilled at p8) but same stupid ai and they have always lower pi’s

used the alfa tz2 (s1 900) in ‘Happy New Year’ Trial and it was easiest ever maybe the car can do same times in summer/winter with same tune

There’s a big difference on Unbeatable. One difference is that the Ai cars will ram you to get round the bends. Another difference is that the lead car will accelerate into the distance if he gets too far ahead, and then he will avoid all obstacles, and not slow down around bends, and never crash. You have an advantage if you can keep him close ahead, because he will go too fast around around tight bends, and crash, because he copies your acceleration, and you haven’t reached the bend yet. So if you accelerate when he wants to slow down, he crashes, but if he gets round the bend he copies your acceleration on the straight so he gets miles ahead.

That explains why they zoom off on me sometimes as i play unbeatable on all events. I have found that once i overtake the lead AI they tend to drop off and have a more realistic speed. That is why i tend to get up front and take the lead as quick as possible then it’s all smooth sailing from there.

Ok, there is ‘always’ one car in front then 2,3 and on high skilled 1,2,3 are together but they ram u on dew driver too
but yeah only playing vs ai in playlist stuff

CCGT with snows was ez, apart from 2 goons running into me. Faster than they were but fresh outta f’s. 3rd it was x 3. 2morons sat there, quit mod race 2.
Don’t store aftermarket tunes, favorite them. Your tunes you can save, but kills storage. Too much to ask for 2 tunes per car, 2 liveries per car.
Weekly chores done to get new cars not buyable as 1 owner cars like some of us like. Switch back to FH3 or F6, more fun.
On 5th round at 950MM, purge of buying useless stuff and deleting them.
CCGT is the way. Jesko is decent too and these guys are better than I am.
I don’t drive as much save on my test and tune Goliath. Own all the rare stuff, or at least 2 owner 812/Capri/Cougar. 20MM for TR7 that’s ez to get. LOL.
Good luck.

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