Issues with Spring Arena in Mortimer Gardens

I wanted to play online on the spring arena in Mortimer Gardens for having the BMW M3 GTS with my friend on Xbox one (I’m on PC). He joined me and we started matchmaking. My friend found a game but i didn’t find one. He started the race while i was waiting on the map. I waited 5minutes but nothing happened. He left the championship and we started a new one. This Bug Happened 3 times. 1 hour later we finally were together in a race. We started the first round then in the second, All our teammates leaved and we were 2 vs 6. We left another time the race and we stared a new one. Same thing. All our teammates were leaving… I was very annoyed and i decided to left the game for the afternoon. This evening, we played this same race one more time. This time the first round was ok. But at the second, the game freezed for all players for 3 or 4 minutes. A lot of players left the game but me and my friend stayed. 4 minutes later the third round started, and we were 2v2… I just made this post for complain about how much is this race bugged. I left 3 hours for making this challenge and I never could win because of the bugs.
Please, fix this race, replace the people who left by drivatars or balance the teams when people left.