Issues with Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate edition Content

Today I began having issues accessing the formula drift cars, the VIP perks and all the other DLC packs.
I have been playing since the first day of the early access a couple of weeks ago and today is the first time I have had issues with any of the DLC content.

I can launch the game perfectly fine but the game thinks I don’t own any of DLC packs but they are all installed and the prompt to the marketplaces brings a you own this already error?

I have already tried the WSreset and redownloading the DLC packs.

Any Ideas?

I’m having the same issue. Between this and friends constantly getting dropped I think I’m done playing until it’s fixed. It’s a shame because the game is fantastic, but way too many issues… Not to mention I played all day before realizing I wasn’t getting VIP rewards which made it a hell of a grind. After spending $100 on it? Nope! If they don’t give back-date VIP rewards I’ll be refunding. Back to The Crew 2 for now…

This also happened such a shame I want to play more but its pretty broken. also i don’t have any ideas as I’m in the same situation as you rip

Same here.