Is there ever going to be a fix for crashing after splash screen? (PC)

This problem has been going on for far too long now, and I do not expect us being forced to redownload content from the Windows Store every time we want to play the game as a good enough solution. This game is already problematic and full of bugs as it is, why is it every new patch seems to break something else?

So what is the status of the dev team looking into this? Every thread I’ve seen on this topic worryingly has been marked as ‘Answered’ and yet there has been no mention that a permanent fix is on the way in the thread’s comments and instead simply tells people to just redownload DLC or an app from the Windows Store, a workaround should not be marked as a solution.

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Microsoft nad Turn 10 please fix this issue!!!

I was thinking the exact same thing myself, I was going to type an open letter of complaint here regarding the issues a lot of us are having with Forza 7 (& Horizon 3) as these issues have been going on for far too long now without a definitive answer from either Turn 10 nor Microsoft.

The game runs great when it works but the problems seem to be getting worse as time goes by, there have been so many different suggestions on work arounds, resets etc that have never worked.
Is it too much to ask to have either F7 or FH3 to start first time? (like pretty much every other game out there!)

Everyone here have paid good money for your product, it would be nice to have a definitive answer on how to get these games running as they should (please stop marking threads as Answered because clearly they’re not!)

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I’m fed up with this as well. This game is so unstable, even when it runs okay. Having to wait for the files to load, uninstall an add on, and then having to re-download everything is ridiculous.

It’s the whole cloud save, constant authentication and DRM what causes all this. Just let us instal and load all the game files, save files, downloads and everything else from our PC. Just like an actual game.

Most of us paid $100 for this game. No need to hold our hands or constantly having to give us permission to play the game.

You are doing it wrong T10/MS


Give us access to local files


I came across this tip:

“You might have lost one key identification component of Xbox. You can download an App called Xbox Identity Provider from Microsoft Store. If you can’t find the App please try the following link”.…e/productId/9WZDNCRD1HKW

Download the app & install, fingers crossed it may resolve your issue. It did so for me.

Let me know how you get on!



I’m not going to lie, this exact thing has crossed my mind at mindight a few times and I lost quite a bit of sleep over it…

I had FM7 on my PC a few months ago, but there was so much stuttering and graphical issues that I ended up uninstalling it to make room for more games I could play reliably while offline during my move to a new place. A few weeks ago I experienced the same issue of not being able to launch Forza after I reinstalled it. I put up a message here, went through all of the typical solutions… No dice. Have yet to play the game after weeks of trying this and that. I still don’t have internet, so I bring my PC to work to download the game and attempt to get it working. I’m not going to sit through another all-day download for nothing. I’m pretty on the edge with Turn 10 already after playing all of the Forzas up through Horizon 2. I’m going to re-download and re-install the game this weekend, and if it doesn’t work I highly doubt I will have any interest to try again, or buy anything from Turn 10 in the future. Even if this is an issue with the Microsoft Store… it shouldn’t take a year to fix the issue.