Is there any way to make joystick deadzone really zero in FH5?

Hi guys,

I have Logitech f710 gamepad which is working perfect.

In FH5 game settings;



and STEERING LINEARIZATION = 0 (I tried also this settings on 100 and 50)

even this settings for steering, which should give us %100 of control for steering with joystick, there is a almost %20 deadzone feeling (left and right). when i checked my gamepad on , i cannot see any deadzone, joystick works in milimetric sensitivity, but in FH5, i feel always around %15-25 deadzone.

it seems like game is limiting some area whatever my deadzone settings is. SO is there any way to make this deadzone actually zero?

Same here with a Logitech RumblePad 2.

Steering deadzone inside 0 seems not to work.
Get 10-15% deadzone, no one can drive with this, not if you almost play real simulators…

Please help us :frowning:

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doesnt anybody know about this?

Same here. Is this an issue only for F710 controller? Can somebody check it, please? I don’t have another controller.

It might explain why I’ve had such a hard time getting the cars to oversteer.

I doubt it.

Grab either my Subaru WRX 05 tune or Lambo Sesto FEby DonJoewonSon (don’t think I spelt that right).

If you still feel cars aren’t turning well then your controller or settings have a problem…

If you like these cars turning then I can try give you some tuning tips.

Use Anti-deadzone.

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