Controller Deadzones

Which ones need to be adjusted and to what settings? I heard someone talking about this in a lobby but don’t know what to change.

It’s a matter of personal preference.

I have mine set for ‘Steering Axis Deadzone Inside’ = 0 and ‘Steering Axis Deadzone Outside’ = 100. This means that Forza 5 will use the full range of motion available from the joystick. For instance, if you set ‘Steering Axis Deadzone Inside’ = 25, that means you would have to steer 25% in the left or right direction on the joystick in order for the game to start turning left or right. If you have ‘Steering Axis Deadzone Outside’ = 75, that would mean that once you get to 75% of the joysticks motion in the left or right direction, the game will act as if you are at full right or left turning. Hope this helps!

All of mine are on 0/100. I use a controller.

Ok. I changed them all to 0-100. Totally notice it on braking with ABS turned off. Thanks!