Is there a new player house?

I had only 12 player houses in the mainland so far. Suddenly my stats shows “Player Houses Discovered = 12/13”. Where is this mysterious 13th player house?

Strangely enough under Horizon life tab it’s showing “Player Houses Owned = 13/13”. I checked the maps many times I own only 12… I don’t even know when this stat got updated!

Lego house is the 13th house

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My stats show 13/13 houses:

The Gables
Sunflower Meadows
Croftdale Farm
Kingfisher Cottage
Thatch Corner
Castleview Road
The Huntsman’s Lodge
Derwent Mansion
Fairlawn Manor
Lake Lodge
Bamburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Master Builder’s House Lego Valley

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Is your Lego house FULLY built, and completed outa curiosity!?


I had to reinstall every car pass car last week so maybe it’s the same for the v.i.p house ?!?! Maybe u need to claim it again?

Last week I noticed I was only getting 30 points for Forzathon Live. I checked the house you get for free with VIP, which I “bought” on day one, as it’s perk is to double those points, and it was available for purchase/free with VIP again. Check that one, maybe it reset for you as well.

Thanks everyone for the reply…

I think talby is correct, Lego house seems to be the 13th house. I have re checked and still own the vip house. Also strange thing is under stats I’m seeing 13 for owned and 12 for discovered. Like I own a house by magic without discovering…

Anyway I think just another issue I should close my eyes and forget about…

I was looking through the dicovery tab of the stats on FH4 and saw that i have discovered 12/13 player houses. I was wondering if the 13th house is already added and if it is where is it located.

It’s just a wee bug mate. No 13th house to unlock, sadly

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So I have been playing this a little over a month hardcore, and once it’s destroyed I will download 5.

I have everything in the entire game completed except for a few Star Cards that I must wait for new seasons to complete, no choice.

Also the only items I have left to un-lock really are the Monster Energy hat & Suit, and the two Patrol Hats which is getting frustrating since I just have to hope they get added as rewards to an event, or to the Forzathon shop, or Horizon Super 7 since there is NO way to earn, or un-lock those items yourself currently sadly.

Point I am getting at there is I refuse to time travel, and risk my account ffs.

Now getting to the main issue I also have,… 12/13 & 13/13.

I bought every single thing possible for this game.

Right now it shows I own ALL 12 houses on the Main Land including the FREE VIP house, and the Lego Master Builders House,…

I double checked I “own” them.

The ONLY thing I have not completed is the Lego House in this whole game. It’s at stage 12/14. Lego challenges 207/272.

I am gonna hope, and guess that your Lego House has to be completed to be discovered even though you already own it.

I am going to complete the challenges, and post back here when I do so.


Completing Lego House did NOT resolve this. I have everything completed on the “discovery” tab in stats in game except it shows 12/13 houses.

Game is destroyed,… can’t be completed as was the objective when starting so can I get a refund? :slight_smile:

My OCD. is extremely upsetty!!!


I wrote to support and actually got it fixed; “Player houses discovered” is now correctly showing 13/13.
But that didn’t solve the main problem… despite having all the categories @ Stats / Discovery maxed out, I’m still 3k Influence short to max the Explorer card @ My Horizon Life.

@Danneman42 The missing explorer influence is years old, seems no-one has worked it out or it is simply not there
@Chuter you really only have those items to unlock? How did you get the others? I’m prestige 5 level 4 hundred and something, got way over 500 million credits (not bragging, just to give you an idea of how much I’ve played) and am missing eight cars, various outfits that have just never appeared even though apparently they’re supposed to appear in wheelspins .and though I have only ever reached League 10 online I’ve never noticed anything special about the higher-level prized each series.

@ SpirantCrayon22
Thanks, fingers crossed that my persistence pays off, though!
The issue is now listed under Fixed / Cross-Platform @ “FH4 Known Issues”
“Star Card - Superstar Explorer not updating for some players.”
But no release date for the fix yet, according to the Forza Support Team.

well, there are plenty of known issues that are clearly not going to be fixed, including copy/paste bugs that are identical in Horizon 5 and I seem to recall some were in Horizon 3

basically don’t hold your breath for any fixes!

the star card doesn’t need 30000 explorer influence, that’s do-able