I don't know you, but I own you?!?

Well, I guess the pictures tell the story…
Game says I owned 13/13 Houses, but also says that I just found 12/13. I have no idea how and why…
But maybe THAT might be the reason, why there are 3k points missing for adventurer T30.

Any ideas someone?

and there isnt 3k missing, i’s just the way it is

You get a house with VIP. If you haven’t visited it yet you haven’t discovered it even though you own it.

Well, I visited every house for so many times already but it didn’t help somehow so I guess that isn’t working.

I’m guessing it is the Lego Master Builder’s House, and it doesn’t count it until you finish building it fully. This shows as 12/13 for me as well, and I haven’t finished the Lego house.

Can anyone confirm?