Is the "Blue Chip Investment" accolade still bugged?

Dont want to waste 10 million to find out its not fixed yet, cant find anything on the issues page either.

I even didn’t now that it was bugged, it worked for me quite well…

Read here somewhere it was bugged some weeks ago, anyway, used my voucher and got the accolade :slight_smile:

Worked for me. I’m now saving up to buy the 20 million car.

Is that the auction house one? If so, it was surprisingly easy…bought a Honda Coupe thing for 20 Mill, accolade popped, listed my other Honda Coupe on the AH for 20 Mill and was bought within 5 minutes. Lost a couple mill due to “fees” but credits are easy to get so wasn’t fussed

The SVJ sells for 20mill atm if you need the accolades.

I got the accolade when I used my voucher.