Is it the game or just my Xbox

Every time Horizon 4 autosaves it comes up with a ‘we are not able to save more data for this game or app’ message pop up rendering the game more or less unplayable as it autosaves every 60 seconds or so. I have plenty of internal memory on my Xbox and have just got an external hard drive and moved the game onto that to see if that would fix the problem but still no luck. Surley I haven’t used up all of my reserved memory for the game (all of 10mgb…) is this a glitch? Is there a way around it. And is it possible that I have a faulty copy of the game, I have also done multiple hard resets and cleared the cache but still no luck. Somebody help!!

Sounds like your console HDD might be broken. Happens (especially with the One X).

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My Xbox is about 5 years old and I’ve been thinking of getting a One X though all my games will be stored on my External hard drive. When I go onto manage game and on the saved data tab it says I have used 7.6 MB and the reserved space is 10 MB does that sound about right?

Yes, but the reserved space has nothing to do with your savegame. Your savegame can be much bigger than the reserved space. From the error message it sounds like the game thinks your internal HDD is full (savegames are always saved internally). If it shows as space available to you in the menu then there are possibly defective sectors on your HDD. Did you notice anything other than that? Like very slow loading of your profile at console boot or laggy menus?

Ahh right I see. Yea it has been slow at loading my profile and laggy tbh well looks like a new Xbox it is then haha thanks for the help :blush:

Have you tryed unpluging from the back and repluging to reset your catch?

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I have multiple times with no luck :frowning:

If you don’t have warranty on your console anymore there are guides to show you how to replace the internal HDD. You could throw in a cheap HDD and then still sell it for more than you would get for a defective unit.