Is Forza lost japanese licenses circuit and super GT?

Hello guys !

Forza 1 until Forza 4 had always japanese tracks like : Tsukuba, Suzuka or Motegi ( Fujimi Kaido is a ficcional tracks )
and many SuperGT cars like that :

Xanavi Nissan GTR

Since Forza 5, no japanese circuits and no SuperGT and it look like UNFORTUNATELY the same for Forza 6…

It look like that Gran Turismo owned these licenses in exclusivity cuz other racing games dont use since GT6 release …

what do you think about that ?

I really really miss these tracks and these cars cuz they are very cool design and powerful …


Could come a dlc later, if EA let them use the porsche license it could be the same from gt.

Never really though about it but you are correct, once GT6 hit the stores I havent seen any JGTC cars on other games. (I could be wrong) There still around 100 more cars left so maybe there saving them for last.

I know PD did have some kind of agreement for Super GT. (They first made use of it in GT5.) I have no idea if it was exclusive, however, or if there is even a current deal still in place.

I have no idea about any track deal at all, but then again, I kind of stopped paying attention when PD started releasing unfinished games, and then taking years to deliver on the “Coming in a future update” advertised features. I can only stand the PD/Sony carrot and stick “All Hail Kaz!” routine for so many years before it all starts sounding like some kind of strange cult doctrine. (I’m waiting for them to start demanding I sell all of my worldly possessions, (and give them all the money of course), for a chance to play the next installment, (but only for an hour mind you), when the first half of GT7 is eventually released in 2025… XD )

But I digress.

On the one hand, it would be nice to know if there’s a chance of some of this content making a return at some point, but I’m also not sure that knowing anything would really make a difference to me. Knowing doesn’t change anything for me really, and I’m not one to sit around grumbling about things like EA’s Porsche deal. Life is just too short, lol.


SuperGT cars have been in Gran Turismo pretty much forever, I don’t think it was a new agreement for GT5.

I doubt T10 are intentionally ignoring Japanese motorsport, it may just be extremely hard to acquire licensing.

I don’t know when they got the actual deal, but PD made a big fuss about GT5 being the first usage under whatever deal they made, prior to the GT5 release. I’d imagine the previous inclusions where of a much more limited scope, perhaps limited to certain cars, and/or deals with multiple related entities, rather than a “Super GT license” with the overall organization proper.

I’m on my way out the door, so this isn’t my first choice has a source, but even Wikipedia states, “World Rally Championship, NASCAR and Super GT licenses are utilized for the first time in the Gran Turismo series.”, within the first couple of paragraphs of the GT5 page. ( Gran Turismo 5 - Wikipedia ) It was a pretty big deal in some circles at the time, with some effort put towards promoting the fact on PD’s part.

There are probably better sources out there somewhere, (and possibly details on the deal itself I’d imagine), if anyone cares to look. I’m not so sure I care enough to know, but GTPlanet probably would have something in the archives if I find the time to look later.


Ok, the wife isn’t ready yet, so another link that turned up in the same search:

Second paragraph: Gran Turismo 5 | Gran Turismo Wiki | Fandom

This is the only thing that I could find:
‘To date, the current installment, “Gran Turismo 6,” is the only racing game to get a certification from the FIA for the 3D renderings of international race circuits. To test the accuracy of the tracks, Polyphony Digital is holding special FIA Online events this year.’

I read a comment on NeoGaf that speculated that Suzuka is tightening up on its licensing deals, with Honda (who own the circuit) being more selective in terms of which games can use the circuit.

Gran Turismo 6 got an updated version of Suzuka Curcuit in 2014 and the F1 games also feature Suzuka due to their series license. I believe Project CARS had a version of Suzuka in their pre-release builds but had to make a fictional version when they went on sale.

It could also be that Turn 10 hasn’t laser-scanned the circuit yet, or they have and are still working on getting it ready for release. Alternatively, they might simply be focusing on America/Europe as the Xbox One just doesn’t sell in Japan (reports stats that only a few hundred consoles are sold per week).

As for the cars, who knows. They might be in development, they might not be available due to licensing agreements or Turn 10 simply feel that they don’t need them in the game. Nobody outside of people directly involved will know so all we can do is speculate.

I would love to see some modern Super GT cars and Suzuka/Tsukuba make a return, but it’s clear to me now that my only hope for this is going to be DLC.

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Licensing these days is so ridiculous, does it even happen outside of racing games? We finally have Porsche back, though still in expansion, and we can’t have an entire countries’ worth of tracks and motor racing. American tracks are sweet, and I like how T10 is listening to feedback from Forza 5, but I’d prefer a more diverse list over sheer quantity.

I mean, Motegi was built and is still owned by Honda, Tsukuba is pretty much the Nurburgring of Japan thanks to Best Motoring, and Suzuka is owned by a property of Honda. JTCC I think is one of the most overlooked and honestly fantastic racing series. It’s such a shame an entire country chock-full of racing heritage hasn’t made the cut into FM6.


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I’m sure Turn 10 are doing all they can to get them in the game.

I mean, it would be absurd if they aren’t, given how important the Japanese automotive industry is. Turn 10 can’t possibly just pretend that no motorsport of note happens there.

To an extent they’re doing the right thing in focusing on the regions that will play the game the most, but for a game touting the ‘Stories Of Motorsport’ as it’s revolutionary new career, it seems to have quite a few chapters missing…

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The argument about because Xbox dont sell in Japan Turn10 dont care about japanese tracks and Super GT is not acceptable. Japanese automobile industry and circuit are famous and GT sell over the world with this japanese contents. Many racing car’s of the world want try these superGT and Suzuka,tsukuba are world wide famous. We miss them!

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Just because car x or track x isn’t in a game, you can’t automatically assume that it’s because of licensing. While it might be true that licensing is the deal, let’s jump all the way back to FM5, where T10 said that the cars and tracks were rebuilt for next-gen. That might be the case.

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Of course, the whole “rebuilt for next-gen” was a complete farce (for cars), but T10 does seem to want to re-do all of their tracks. They also haven’t made trips to Japan to scan/ take pictures of cars or tracks… Sadly, I don’t think the Japanese tracks are going to come back anytime soon. And the only explanation we’ll get from T10 is marketing hogwash.

There are some terms for “nonsense” that contain offensive words.

WRC and NASCAR each have their own official games, so they can’t be bound by licensing. Super GT though? Who knows. Gran Turismo is a notoriously Japanese game, and they could well have that series to itself. It would be incredibly odd for them to have a license covering the entire past & present championship though. Even F1 doesn’t do licensing that strictly.

I think Turn 10 most likely have that thing going on where they don’t want to do half a feature. We get Super GT cars and Super GT tracks, or we get neither at all.

Hopefully there is some way to get them in the future of FM6. Would hate to miss out on this form of motorsport.