Invisible tracks, freezes during races

While playing normally in single player, the game will sometimes make parts of the track simply go missing, becoming completely invisible.
During these races I also experience random freezes that last anywhere from 15 seconds to 40. After any such event, the whole game will get a lot slower loading anything.

I suspect the main cause may be that my Xbox one is overheating, but even setting a fan right next to it isn’t helping.

Any help here is appreciated.

No this is normal Forza behavior sadly.

Not normal at all really, I’ve been reading that it has been happening for a few people but I’ve not seen it happen to me once and I play about 25-30 hours a week. None of my 30 or so friends are having this prob either, so that leads me to believe its something on your end like a semi corrupt save or something like that.

People have been complaining about this for weeks however the first time it happened to me was yesterday. And it doesnt just effect one person, but it effects everyone in the lobby, which leads me to believe its a broader problem. After everybody quit (I was the last one to do so) the lobby preceded to the next race no problem. Ive got a short clipped saved, Ill share when I get home.