[INVESTIGATING] Never Ending Credit Sound

Upon completing a race in career mode, the credits ticker sound starts and doesn’t stop until I restart the game. This happens after every race in Domination Championship Rebirth of Muscle. Will investigate to see if this happens in other race series.

I am having the same issue.
Domination championship, working toward the elite championship.
Happened on 2 races during Mazda mx-5 cup spec and on 4 races in supercars championship.
I have found three temporary solutions to this problem.

  1. Restart the game. Not ideal but it works.
  2. Turn the UI volume all the way down.
  3. After each race back out all the way to the main menu.
    Have not had this issue before today. I wonder if it is a bug introduced in the update from yesterday.

Ive found that if you wait before pressing any buttons after race its ok, if you impatient to load next race before credit noise ends it will loop continually until either exit to main menu or exit game .it shouldnt do it so must be bug but solution is be patient let game load at its pace not yours!

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Same here. Must be a bug introduced with the update this past Friday (2017-11-03)

For me, it was happening with the noise when your SP increases after the race. But yeah same deal … avoid the infinite loop by letting the noise finish before hitting A to advance.

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Same over here since last update

I thought my game was crapping out on me, but yeah same here. Masters championship Sport GT. Happened after first race and just did not stop, even during the second race.

Experiencing a similar meme. Echoing the above comment, it’s actually the SP ticker that’s making the noise, and it’s caused by trying to speed through the animations. However the credit ticker does hang every now and then when I’m trying to speed through it as well, although that’s only a temporary problem, whereas the SP ticker bug requires a reboot. Awfully annoying, especially considering how long it takes everything in this game to load.

I’m getting this too it’s really annoying having to quit every couple of races

Same here. Worth noting I’m playing on an Xbox One.
Will try the “don’t rush me” strategy, but still a pain. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had this happen in the Domination Championship as well. One time I was trying to rush the menus and impatiently tapped A. The second time I walked away to get a drink after finishing a race; I came back and the sound started looping after progressing through the menu. Kind of annoying - it goes away if the game is not the main focus (ie: dashboard) but the only way to get rid of it within Forza is to restart the game.

Guess that made it a naturally stopping point.

Same here - introduced after most recent update.

i tried disabling ui sounds, but you can still hear it very slightly, it seems like you just can’t disable some sounds in this game, amazing stuff, i’ve seen less bugs in pre-release indy games with budget of a small family income

Same here. Sound ends when back in the main menu.

Yeah i had the same issue with the infinite loop sound. The best way would be to be patient but when it happens you just have to go to the menu where you can choose which championship you wanna go click at one and leave instant again. Does it still sound like it try it again. Just choose a championship and leave the menu to the main menu and continue your races :slight_smile:

Same issue here.

i had this sometimes in forza 6 and then i really needed to restart my game get rid of it… didnt get it in forza 7 yet … yet…

I’ve had the same thing happen too.

Restarting the game fixes it for me.

Same issue for me post patch. Happened in Masters and Forza Driver’s Cup so far. Quitting to dash is the only solution for me so far.

I’ve had this happen a few more times now. Still, the only solution is to finish the menu progression, then dashboard and quit the game.

The last two times it has happened I have waited for menu prompts to appear and have been patient with the buttons. It has happened when I select the QUIT option after finishing a race. If I continue the series or restart the race it has not occurred.

– I’m currently in the Domination Series so it’s the only place I’ve experienced it but it has happened in the Sports touring (Alfa Guilia) and Rebirth of Muscle (Pontiac Grand Am and Fox Mustang).